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West Point Judging
« on: October 08, 2013, 02:15:24 PM »
Hi all,
For those of you planning on attending the West Point Debate Tournament we have some judging related issues we’d like to bring to your attention.
1-      We’d ask you to back channel us as soon as possible if you believe you will have uncovered debate teams. Though West Point traditionally has adequate judging, we anticipate having fewer available rounds due to the government shutdown/furlough and we need to plan accordingly.
2-      Relatedly, if you are attending the tournament and are in for less than a full commitment and are willing to be hired by the tournament (on an as needed basis) please let us know.  If we have an excess of rounds folks are willing to sell (fingers crossed) these will be filled with an eye toward increasing the overall diversity of the judge pool.
3-      As per our previous practice, we will aim to maximize panel diversity in all elimination rounds.  Toward that end, if you are able to (safely) stay beyond your outround commitment please let the tab room know.
Thank you,