Author Topic: Judge Prefs and Entries and AA placement  (Read 3015 times)


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Judge Prefs and Entries and AA placement
« on: October 10, 2013, 11:44:34 AM »
1.  Please check your entries carefully and make sure they are correct.  I believe all changes that have been communicated to me have been made.

2.  Please check your judging and make sure it is correct.  I believe those changes have been made as well.  If you have less than a full commitment, especially less than half, we may need to place you in Rd 5 or 6.  If this takes your school beyond their commitment we will pay you for that.  You can dole out the cash how you see fit.  Judging is very tight.  (See #4 below)

3.  PREFS-- Wes Rumbaugh and Tyler Gillette are JV/Novice only.  Open teams should mark them as a 999.  Jason Russell has been deleted from the pool and Danny Abbas added.  Please note this in prefs if you have already submitted them.

4. MOST IMPORTANTLY-- Please reply (1 per school) to this email indicating all the above is fine and either YES or NO if you are willing to OPT in to a policy of Aggressive Affirmative Action placement in the prefs system.  Since this was not communicated prior to your decision to come here I will not force it on any team or school.  However given recent conversations in the community, I would like to have the option to instruct Justin Kirk to increase mutuality even if it means decreasing preference for the purpose of placing judges who indicate they would like to be in the pool of Affirmative Action judges (Women, People of Color, or any other traditionally underrepresented group in debate they deem fit).  If you say yes, great.  If you say no, I will understand and keep that confidential.  No harm no foul!  Thank you for your consideration.

Look forward to hosting you this weekend!