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CEDA/NDT Transportation
« on: February 25, 2010, 11:35:09 AM »
The national tournaments are just around the corner so I figured it was time to make some announcements. There are two forms of assistance we can offer you for transportation during the NDT and CEDA Nationals. First, like we did during the coast the tournament will provide transportation via bus to and from the tournaments for a cost of $45 per person. This includes transporting your evidence in the storage area under the bus. This may be your only chance to feel like you are part of the Emory team so I would not pass it up. If you are renting a car, we can offer parking permits on campus for the competition days for $45 per permit. Since this is our Spring Break and is also a furlough period we should be able to get permits for the lots right behind Dwinelle Hall which is where all of the debates will be for the NDT and most will be for CEDA.

If you want to reserve a parking permit for CEDA or the NDT please send me an email at indicating how many permits you want. Likewise, if you want to ride the bus please send me an email letting me know how many people there are in your party and for which tournament(s).

Please get me this information by March 5.


Greg Achten