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Digital Presence at Vandy
« on: October 31, 2013, 11:14:06 PM »
Digital Presence Debate @ Vandy 2013

Indiana University will be experimenting with digital presence debate at Vanderbilt. The team of Joey Peculis/Ben Smale (IU PS) will have one physically absent member during the tournament. They will be digitally included in the debate via livestreaming technology. We would like to thank our opponents, judges and Vanderbilt University for accommodating our needs during this time. This document is a quick explanation of what we’re trying to do as well as a few FAQs and answers for our opponents and judge.

How does it work?
PS will have a setup at Vandy as well as the IU campus. The Vandy setup will include a movable webcam, external speakers, a quality USB microphone, a dedicated computer and monitor for processing video and audio. The setup at IU will be the same. Ben will have a quality mic, headphones (to help avoid feedback), an external webcam, a dedicated computer for handling processing, and his usual debate computer. At Vandy, if available, we will use classroom projector equipment to make Ben more “life-size” Files will be shared with our opponents via dropbox or an email chain, whichever you prefer.

Failures, speech time and prep time
We recognize the inevitable failures that may occur while we try to innovate this new practice. We want no special treatment, the “debate time rules” are a necessary component of running tournaments. This is what we ask (of course judge preference will determine how we precede):
1)   Opponents, please setup file transfers methods before the start of the debate. If the speech document changes radically from the speech presented, please make sure you share the “clean” speech doc ASAP so Ben can have it.
2)   In the event of a tek failure (loss of sound), start a timer that subtracts time from our preparation time, not the speech time. Ben may not know he isn’t being heard. Once our prep time is out, speech time will continue. If everything collapses, Joey will debate as a maverick. Let’s hope this doesn’t occur!
3)   If the internet crashes. This team will have a mifi device. To reduce bandwitch overusage, we will try to limit video usage during the debate. Audio will be the main focus.

Audio is the most important hurdle for a debate to occur. We ask that our opponents please help us out before the start of the debate by doing a quick “mic” check. If you’re too loud it can cause distortion, if you’re too quite Ben won’t be able to flow you. We can do the same to make sure you get used to his voice and/or express any concerns you may have.

At the moment we’re having issues where people cannot talk over one another. Programs automatically “mic switch” where only one mic can be active at once. This may be fixed by R1 or it may be an issue for the first tournament. If this is an issue here is what we suggest and will strive to do:
1)   Ask questions directly and clearly.
2)   We will not take advantage of your CX time, our answers will be limited, clear, and concise. We will not “takeover” your valuable time. Ben will stop and wait if you need to ask a follow up question.
3)   IF #2 “best practice fails” waving at the camera will alert Ben that he needs to listen.

Hand Signals
1)   Wave at Ben if you want him to listen and not speak
2)   If Ben needs to be louder point one finger upward at the sky
3)   If he needs to be quitter, point one finger down at the ground
4)   If Ben asks a question (“Are you ready?”) and you want to affirm the question, put up THUMBS UP!