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Notes on procedures for the Mountaineer Tournament
« on: November 13, 2013, 04:47:48 PM »
Notes on procedures for the Mountaineer Tournament.

Speaker Points
We will have them, as per the invite. We will use a 30point scale with tenths of points. We will still use adjusted points for seeding, but we are moving up some other measures as tiebreakers, including opposition strength.

There will be additional awards (including peer-based speaker awards) that Sean will be posting about later.

Adjust Decision Times
We decided this shouldn’t be an issue, given that we are working on the same schedule as Wake, which should leave plenty of time. We encourage judges to spend that extra time on teaching and feedback after the debates.

We will clear half of the teams in each division up to Octafinals.

We will use wins, adjusted speaker points, opponent wins, judge variance, and total speaker points, in that order, before using a random number/coin flip.

We will use ordinal prefs, but we will highly emphasize mutuality, probably using the 80-20 method, but reserving the right to open it up some in order to make pairings work.

Additional Note
There had been some excitement/concern/interest (depending on your perspective) about the tournament procedures for the Mountaineer Tournament, especially since Sean posted some proposals on the NDTCEDA Tradition on Facebook.

While Sean and I think it is great to discuss and experiment with new procedures, we won’t be implementing most of them for this tournament, due to a combination of lack of time, negative or mixed feedback, and what was already indicated on the invitation or on Tabroom.  I don’t have time for a full report here, but I would be more than happy to discuss them with anyone at the tournament. If you have questions about how or why we are doing certain things, just ask.

I look forward to seeing everyone this weekend.

Neil Butt