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Mountaineer Special Awards
« on: November 27, 2013, 03:17:18 PM »
Students voted for their peers for a series of awards at the conclusion of the Mountaineer tournament. (These were handed out at the awards ceremony, but I hadn't posted them yet.)

Most Persuasive - Malia Villanueva
Best Rebuttals - Kristin Arndt
Best C/x - Malia Villanueva
Funniest - Michah Proztman
Spirit of Debate - Tevenia Rodgers
Best Dressed - Navy
Fastest Talker - Michael Smith

Most Persuasive - Anthony Joseph
Best Rebuttals - Chris Miles
Best C/x - Paula Kostiuk
Funniest - Sean Hoey
Spirit of Debate - Andrew Yim
Best Dressed - Connor Brown
Fastest Talker - Lizbett Mendoza

Most Persuasive - James Pavur
Best Rebuttals - Jay Khanna
Best C/x - Derek Hilligoss
Funniest - Ari Hoffman
Spirit of Debate - Jacob Nails
Best Dressed - Justin Fang
Fastest Talker - Kaitlyn Schiess