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Kansas State Soul of America Tournament 2014 Invite
« on: January 01, 2014, 05:04:54 PM »
Soul of America 2014 Invite
Kansas State Debate

Kansas State University would like to welcome you to join us Feb 14-16 for the Soul of America tournament.  We will offer 6 preliminary rounds, great food, and warm hospitality. 

Hotel: We will be using the Holiday Inn At The Campus (1641 Anderson Ave, Manhattan KS 66502), which is across the street from campus and a short walk to the coaches’ receptions.  Rooms are $99.95 per night with wifi included.  The rate is good Feb. 13-16.  The block rate expires on Jan. 20, so make your reservations soon.  Reservations can be made online with the group code SPE at:  You can also call the hotel directly at 785-539-7531 and tell them the group code or that you are with the Kansas State Debate Tournament.  If you have any trouble with the hotel you can contact Nancy Bartell at or Kelly Winfrey at 

Travel Logistics: Manhattan is 9 miles north of I-70 on 177.  For those that prefer to fly, MHK, Manhattan Regional Airport, offers service through American Eagle (American Airlines affiliate) and Allegiant air.  If you choose to fly into MHK and need a ride from the airport, contact Kelly (  The Kansas City Airport is a 2-hour drive, but there are many car rental options through KCI. 

Hospitality: We will provide all your meals Friday and Saturday, and breakfast Sunday.  There will also be two coaches receptions hosted in the homes of Joe Koehle and Kelly Winfrey (a 5-10 minute walk from the Holiday Inn). 

Entry Fees: Entry fees are $50 per person (debaters, judges, groupies).  These fees cover 5 good meals, nice awards, and other tournament hospitality.  Payment can be made by cash or check at registration.  For new or struggling programs, if the entry fee prohibits attendance, please let us know and we can try to work something out.

Tournament Procedure:

Topic:  We will follow the 2013-2014 CEDA topic.

Hybrids: In any division, two debaters from different schools may debate together and advance to elimination rounds.  Yes, you can debate with anyone who still has eligibility and enrolled in a CEDA school and win the tournament. 

Division Eligibility: We will follow the CEDA eligibility rules.  Please do not place anyone outside of the eligibility requirements stipulated in the Constitution even if you desire to forgo points. They may be removed from the tournament if it is not logistically desirable to place them in the proper division.

Division Size Requirement: We will have it if at least 5 teams from 3 different schools enter.  If not, the division will be collapsed and a final break-out round will happen either Sunday night or Monday morning.  We do not remotely anticipate collapsing JV into Varsity.

Elimination Rounds: Half of the teams will clear in each division.  All teams must have a 3-3 record or better to clear.  Unless previously met, a coin-toss will determine the sides.  If the two teams met in prelims, they will assume opposite sides in the elimination rounds.

Illness/Mavericks: Mavericks are not allowed to enter the tournament.  In the event of illness or other reason approved by the Tournament Director, a partner may debate up to 2 prelim debates before they must accept forfeits.  No team may advance to elimination rounds having competed together less than 4 of the 6 prelims together.  In order to compete in elimination rounds, both team members must be present and give speeches.

Judging: Please provide 3 rounds of judging for every team entered.  If a judge is brought that can only judge in the JV or Novice division and cannot be placed in their committed rounds, the tournament will politely ask the school to increase the commitment levels of another judge or pay to have these rounds covered.  Any school wishing to use a current Varsity debater or judge with less than 2 years collegiate debating or judging must get approval from the KSU staff prior to arrival.  The tournament will do its best to notify any schools of any problems ahead of time.  Due to the bureaucracy involved for the tournament to pay judges, we would prefer schools address their judging needs on their own and not through the tournament.

Judge time limits: All decisions must be back into the tab room 2 hours and 30 minutes after the announced start time for prelims and 2 hours and 45 minutes after the announced start time for elims.  The tab room may extend this only on the basis of unforeseen circumstances.

KSU Teams: Kansas State teams will compete and have the ability to clear.  Our debaters need the experience and this will make the tournament larger. We do not mind if others choose to debate at their own tournament.  KSU students are likely to be doubling as debaters and workers (ballot runners, food servers, cleaners, late-night drivers, etc). 

Awards: We will give out numerous awards including speaker awards in each division and team awards for elimination round competitors.  We may also recognize an exceptional coach/judge. 

Tentative Schedule:
Friday, February 14
1:00-3:00pm Registration (on campus, location TBD)
3:00pm Pairings for Rounds 1 & 2 released
3:30pm Round 1
5:30pm Dinner (provided)
6:30pm Round 2

Saturday, February 15
7:30am Pairings for Round 3/ Breakfast provided on campus
8:30 am Round 3
11:00 Lunch (provided)
12:15 Round 4
3:30 Round 5
5:30 Dinner (provided)
6:30 Round 6

Sunday, February 16
8am Elim 1 Pairings Release/Breakfast (provided)
9am Elim 1 begins
12:00 Awards
1:00-? Elimination Rounds

We look forward to seeing everyone in Manhattan in February!

Joe Koehle                    Kelly Winfrey
Director of Debate         Assistant Director of Debate


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Re: Kansas State Soul of America Tournament 2014 Invite
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Make your hotel reservations soon!  The block rate expires MONDAY JAN. 20!!!