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NDT Registration
« on: March 04, 2014, 08:22:35 AM »
Details for registering for the NDT are available online:

These instructions are also available here:
Registration for the 2014 NDT is a two step process.
First, teams must be registered in, with all required information.
Second, teams must be registered with the NDT Treasurer.
Both steps of the registration process should be complete by March 17 (5pm est).

To register with the NDT Treasurer, please review the following information, and email the excel document (below) to: You will receive an email invoice for your total fee and you may pay online before the tournament. Fees can also be paid on-site with cash, check, or credit card.

The fees for the 2014 NDT at Indiana are:

Team Fee $150 (each two-person team pays 1 team fee)

Participant Fee $100 (each two-person team can bring up to 4 participants – including the two debaters)

Observer Fee $150 (any additional individuals at the event)

    SAMPLE ENTRY A (School with 1 team entered, 3 judges, 1 coach who doesn’t judge, but will make coffee runs)

    Team Apple Team Fee $150

    Debater: Apple Core Participant Fee $100

    Debater: Apple Skin Participant Fee $100

    Participant: Judge 1 Participant Fee $100

    Participant: Judge 2 Participant Fee $100

    Observer: Judge 3 Observer Fee $150

    Observer: Coffee Coach Observer Fee $150

    TOTAL: $850

    SAMPLE ENTRY B (School with 2 teams entered, 3 judges)

    Team Banana Team Fee $150

    Debater: B. Peel Participant Fee $100

    Debater: B. Green Participant Fee $100

    Participant: Judge 1 Participant Fee $100

    Participant: Judge 2 Participant Fee $100

    Team Chili Team Fee $150

    Debater: Cheese Participant Fee $100

    Debater: Beans Participant Fee $100

    Participant: Judge 3 Participant Fee $100

    TOTAL: $1,000

A few answers to frequently asked questions:

1) What if I need to make changes to my entry?

Email all changes to

2) But what if I have already paid?

We will reimburse any amount that has not already been committed for catering/trophy costs.

3) What if I want to come to the NDT, and I promise not to eat any food?

Good question. Someday, we may be able to work something out that will let that happen. But for now, we only get as many chairs in the IMU big room (which is also where most meals, the reception, and banquets are held) as the number of paid guests. This means that if you want to be a part of the fun, we need you to eat and pay for your seat.

4) What if I only need extra seats at the banquet or reception for parents/guests?

You can purchase individual tickets along with your tournament payment (see next tab). Reception & banquet tickets will also be available for online purchase about 2 weeks before the tournament.

5) Why are you asking for information that I already put into Tabroom?

Tabroom does an awesome job at organizing information for tournaments. Because the NDT has special requirements, and due to the size of the tournament, we need to collect this information again in order to be sure that your team doesn’t overpay/gets the right food at the tournament.

6) What if I am hiring a judge that isn’t traveling with my team?

Please be sure to check that your judges are all being covered as a participant or an observer by someone at the NDT. If you are “sharing a judge” with another school – please make clear the portion of the fees that you will cover with your entry payment. Judges: be sure that if you are getting paid, that you are also being “paid for.”