Author Topic: Teach Debate in Korea! 1 year contract starting ASAP  (Read 3419 times)


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Teach Debate in Korea! 1 year contract starting ASAP
« on: March 19, 2014, 07:44:37 PM »

The Asia Debate Association (ADA) is interested in hiring a full time debate coach starting ASAP (your classes would start shortly after your arrival).

The ADA is a new hagwon (private academy) based out of Seoul (where you would teach classes) that is focused primarily on teaching different styles of debate. The ADA caters to Korean students of all levels of debate experience that can show a proficiency with the English language. All debating will take place in English meaning that speaking Korean is not a requirement.

Responsibilities would include teaching multiple debate classes per week at the rookie (elementary), JV (middle school) and potentially varsity (high school) level. In addition, during days with no teaching you will be coming to our office in order to help design new courses, to prepare for your classes and to help expand the ADA business.

This position would initially be for a 1 year contract (for the purpose of getting an E-2 teaching Visa) with the possibility for renewal and renegotiation at the end of the term.

Salary would begin at around 2,700,000 Won (about 2,700 dollars) per month and you would also be provided with housing (utilities are not included and would likely be less than 1,000 won per month during the hottest part of the summer). This is competitive with other hagwons in the region which would demand a much stricter schedule and require teaching courses outside of the debate purview.

Eligible applicants must be able to pass E-2 visa screening which includes providing a clean federal criminal background check and passing a health exam, including drug screening. Likewise, eligible applicants should be able to show a history of debate participation, success and education.

If you are interested in this position please feel free to send me an email with a resume (focused on debate) and any questions at wattsdebate @ gmail . com

Experience Korea!

Nick Watts
Head Coach ADA