Author Topic: NDT Update 3/26 - Part II  (Read 3039 times)


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NDT Update 3/26 - Part II
« on: March 26, 2014, 03:38:37 PM »
So, I actually tried to send all of this through Tabroom.  I failed. So please review the following details in addition to the schedule.

Information will also be available on the NDT website (

A few important notes for all teams at the tournament:

1) The anti-harassment policy committee will meet this evening to finalize additional information regarding procedures for this year's NDT. Later tonight, we'll post that information to the website. We ask that all teams review the information prior to the tournament.

2) Registration will take place tomorrow, starting at 9am, in the IMU Maple Room. Even if you have paid in advance, please stop by registration to pick up your tournament bracelets and sign-up for a team photo.

3) You will need to wear your bracelet in order to gain entry to the Alumni Hall "big room" for tournament announcements. Because meals are also served in this room - let me stress - there are no additional seats for non-paying (already paid) observers. None. Zero. If you are really popular, and people follow you, you'll need to shake them. Otherwise, people who paid for seats will have to sit on the tables, and that could get messy. We are currently expecting 472 people for this event.

4) Please understand, vegetarian options at the IMU cost "extra" and I've tried hard to guarantee that veggies and vegans have some good choices. Please leave the "veggie & vegan" special options for our participants and guests who specified that they prefer this choice. A menu of meals will also be posted on the website tomorrow.

5) Team photos will take place throughout the day in the IMU. All teams are invited to have a photo taken for publication in the 2014 tournament booklet. The 2012 tournament booklet is now available on the website ( 2013 booklet will soon be available. Thank you to Josh Gonzalez for picking up the reigns on this project. Please also help me thank Ellen Zwarensteyn and the students from East Kentwood High School, who have volunteered to take photos for us this year.

6) If you are not staying at the IMU, I have discount parking coupons for you. Please remind me when you stop by registration so that I can give them to you.

I have probably forgotten many things, but you can email me about them at:

Thanks!  D. Leek, Treasurer.