Author Topic: NDT Update 3/25  (Read 3614 times)

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NDT Update 3/25
« on: March 25, 2014, 01:41:38 PM »
1.   Judge preference sheets are due at 12 noon (Eastern) on Thursday. We will shut off the system at that time.

2.   Judge preference sheets must be verified by each team. They will be available for verification beginning at 1 pm (Eastern) on Thursday. Your cooperation in this process is essential as judge placement cannot begin until judge sheets are verified.

3.   Judges should double check their preclusion sheets.

4.   Some judges do not have 12 rounds on the topic. Those judges are integrated into the current strike sheet. I have increased the number of rounds available to reflect the number of free strikes in the pool. Strikes will be all judges below 80% in your ordinal rankings. (Historically, 15% or so of the judging pool was allowed for strikes at the NDT. In the last few years, I have increased that to 20% to allow for ordinal judges and the free strikes for judges lacking 12 rounds on the topic.)

5.   The following judges do not have 12 rounds on the topic:

Bailey, Ken
Beiermeister, Ryan
Chung, Doowon
Clark, Joshua
Fisher, Matt
Forslund, Eric
Friend, Gregory
Lundberg, Chris
McCaffrey, Kevin
McCleary, Patrick
Packer, Joe
Partlow Lefevre, Sarah
Phillips, Scott
Pipkin, Stephen
Polin, Jacob
Reid-Brinkley, Shanara
Spies, Stephanie
Tandet, Gabrielle
Voss, Jon