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thanks to the Hoosiers
« on: April 01, 2014, 02:31:28 PM »
I don't have a personal fb account so just wanted to send a little post here thanking Brian and the Hoosiers for all their work.  Whitman had a wonderful experience at both CEDA and the NDT.  Congrats to all the debaters at both tournaments.  Congrats to the Hoyas for the win--it's nice that students can win and come back, then not win and still come back, and then win again!  I also thought Oklahoma was totally awesome all along the way, especially in the semis!  One of the best debates I have ever seen was in the Quarters--Joe and Melvin from Wake were so good--a persuasive and compelling performance that was matched by the brilliance from Rashid and George, certainly one of the best teams the community has ever seen.  Watching that round with my long-time friends from West Georgia was truly a reminder of all the beauty and magic of debate.  Also, huge Kudos to Deven and the Fresno State team of Sierra Holley and Candis Tate who reached the octos and had one of the most amazing surges to national success this year I have ever seen--the whole Fresno squad deserves all of our collective admiration.  A big congrats to Korey and Ameena for their incredible season and CEDA victory as well.  The congratulations could go on for a long time, but it's time to catch a flight.  Thank you so much to all the debaters and coaches from Whitman who worked hard for the love of the activity and came together as a team to make this such an incredibly successful season beyond just the wins and the losses.  Hope to see many of you at the topic meeting and do not forget to vote for TC rep (nominees, let us know your thoughts).  If you are really missing debate over the next few weeks and do not know what to do, consider writing a topic controversy paper.  Enjoy the break everyone and another congrats to all the debaters and coaches.  Woohoo, Debate!  Kevin


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Re: thanks to the Hoosiers
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Since you don't have a fb, I'll "like" this for you. 

Great tournament, DeLo :)