Author Topic: Decriminalization Selected: Congratulations to James Herndon, Jackie Poapst  (Read 3704 times)

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Congratulations to James Herndon, Jackie Poapst and the other contributors to the decriminalization topic.  The winning controversy paper can be found here:,5879.0.html

The Topic Committee will be setting up wording paper assignments and working groups early next week.  The more work on wording areas between now and the June meeting, the better.  Anyone can submit papers and we encourage people to collaborate and join with the committee groups.

Interesting that the first full topic rotation would have two legal topics over three years, making the fourth year of the rotation (2015-16) an international topic.  As a perpetual runner-up (although it was not close in the end), maybe the economic inequality topic will have to broaden to global poverty and the North-South/rich-poor gap for the year after this.

Again, great paper, James and Jackie--now on to the next stage.