Author Topic: Hiring Immediately in Taiwan: Coach who can teach both Policy & Parli or Writing  (Read 2236 times)


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We offer competitive salary plus bonus up to 1 month salary, free housing, full health care, and a free round trip ticket. You can choose to work 9 months or year round. Degree is required for work visa in Taiwan. Please email us your resume with a 10 minute demo lesson captured on a video to: <>

Asian Debate League Website:

11 Reasons Why You Should Choose to Work in Taiwan:

1. Excellent Career Path! - ADL is a 3 year old, fast growing entity that offers long term career path and comfortable working environment. We are currently working with multiple international schools in Taipei city and was instrumental in creating and hosting the very first NFL Taiwan District Tournament.

2. Policy Debate - Policy Debate is one of the main emphases in our academy. Compare this with other parts of Asia; it is usually all Public Forum Debate.

3. Health Care System - #7 in the World. Better qualified, hygienic, and cheaper doctors and health care system than China; In fact, wealthy Chinese fly out to Taipei for major surgeries.

4. Cost of Living - Taipei ranks #52 in Cost Of Living ($300 – 400 per month only). Compare this with Beijing or Shanghai which ranks #20 and 21; it is much more expensive to live in China.

5. Convenience -No need to own a car, everything's within 5 - 10 minutes of walking distance, transportation is cheap and convenient in Taipei, and no need to commute from one city to another.

6. Food - Food in Taiwan is heavenly!

7. Clean Water to Drink and Shower - Water in Taiwan is what you are used to in the U.S. Compare this with China: Even in a 5 star hotel of Shanghai, water is filthy and one showers in yellow polluted water.

8. Uncensored, Uninterrupted, Ubiquitous Internet Access - Taiwan is a free contry, where you have access to uninterrupted internet access. Compare this with China: Internet access is not ubiquitous in China, and it “has the largest recorded number of imprisoned journalists and cyber-dissidents in the world.”'s_Republic_of_China

9. People -People in Taiwan are kind and friendly.
Read: Hospitality is Taiwan's most impressive value

10. Students - You will be teaching debate in "English" to native-fluent, International students and to semi-fluent bilingual students and ADL students go compete in the U.S. annually in NFL/NJFL because they all have the passports and financial status and parent support, as we are a private entity with people who can afford it, and not a government program.

11. Parent Suppport - Most of our students' parents are extremely supportive and are either American citizens or have studied in the U.S., and serve as judges during tournaments.