Author Topic: 18th Val A. Browning Round Robin Results  (Read 3132 times)


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18th Val A. Browning Round Robin Results
« on: October 02, 2014, 07:48:21 PM »

Coach of the Year: Dr. Travis Cram (U. of Wyoming)

Top Speaker: Rashid Campbell

Final Round: Joe LeDuc & Corinne Sugino (Val Pod) v. Vida Chiri & Meagan Edwards (Browning Pod)

2nd Place (Val): UNLV (Sara Beth Brooks & Dan Stanfield)
2nd place (Browning): Towson (Troi Chasity & Kevin Whitley)

3rd place (Val): Weber State (Jordan Hendricks & Misty Tippets)
3rd place (Browning): Oklahoma University (Rashid Campbell & Jesse Robbins)

Full results, including all teams with a winning record in their pods and the other great nine top speakers can be found by following this link:

Extra special thanks to Adam Symonds for helping us provide the highest quality tournament experience possible.

Thanks for being here in Ogden with us for another Val.  We're all ready for 250 of our closest friends to come join us!