Wake Announcements


Wake Announcements 11-13-14

1 - A Welcoming Environment - Please try welcoming your fellow community members when you see them.  Chat about life while waiting for a decision, at lunch, or each waiting for your team to come down in the morning; it could be enjoyable.  Appreciative interaction with people from all around the country is a memorable feature of debate.  We also hope that people won't be jerks while at the tournament.  More specifically, harassment in any form is not welcomed.  We think debate should, in part, involve fun/immense joy from an intensely rewarding experience, but we firmly recognize safety as a pre-condition. With that in mind, we wanted to publicly make clear Lindsey Shook will be the CEDA Harassment Officer at the Wake Forest Tournament.  We thank Lindsey in advance for her service to the community.  She can be contacted at lindseyshook at gmail dot com or see her in person. 
2 - Vince Binder Charity Poker Event - You win, you get cash, you lose someone gets their debate camp paid for.  That = win-win....It will start at the start at approximately 9 PM (start of semis) and conclude by 2AM.  Christina Vitolo-Haddad has offered to serve as the chair.  We will attempt to live-stream in the debates.

Announcements from previous facebook post 2 days ago....

1 - Complete schedule is now part of the invite on Tabroom. Pairings released at 7 AM both days. 8 AM start Saturday, 7:45 start Sunday. 2.5 hour decision time in prelims. Meal time built in to allow for socializing.
2 - Wake Forest GTA Information Session - It will happen Saturday night at the Hawthorne Inn after the conclusion of round 4 in a lower-level ballroom. See Justin Green or Jarrod Atchison if rides are needed.
3 - Scouting - 2 requests from debaters. 1) Self Report - We are asking that the most recent version of your aff and some negative case positions are put up. Ask yourself: if I was the one waiting on another team in a different building, what would I want up? 2) Report on Others - So a team beat you on a tricky 1ar disco...go to their page and fill out a round report.
4 - Opt-In judges...If you would like to be considered as part of proportional representation for non-male and black judges, please email Gary Larson. Backchannel if you need the address.

See you all soon in Winston-Salem!


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