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University of Michigan Debate Program- Job Posting
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Aaron Kall
Director of Debate
University of Michigan
Office Phone Number: 734-239-3996

Assistant Director UM Debate Program and Michigan Debate Institutes
Start Date- August, 2015

Job Summary

In support of the mission of Student Life, The University of Michigan Debate Program is committed to student learning and development via participation in intercollegiate policy debate. Through our varsity traveling team, summer national high school debate institute, urban debate outreach efforts in Detroit, and hosting of a national high school debate tournament, we facilitate and enrich the educational experience of current UM students.

Assist in the administration and direction of the Debate Program (Team and Institutes); provide overall direction, supervision, and specialized instruction regarding the Michigan Debate Team's research efforts; provide Debate Team curriculum design support and teaching; foster student participation in Debate through the national summer debate institute and other educational initiatives. Responsible for the development and implementation of the summer Debate Institutes; supervise Debate Institutes staff as requested by the Director.


U-M Debate Team Coaching- 60%

Travel with the debate team to approximately ten tournaments per academic year (5 per semester), assuring adherence to University policy and best practices.
Meet with Debate Team periodically for coaching, assistance and mentoring as described by Director
Direct the debate team's research, which involves planning assignments, editing files and producing numerous amounts of evidence for the students before each tournament; teach students how to retrieve and synthesize information.
Engage in pre-round scouting and preparation with debaters during and for tournaments.
Help determine debate team argument selection and research prioritization.
Develop and implement coaching instruction for debate tournaments and other training formats, such as mini-camps and work weekends.
Continue management of program's transition to paperless debate, including familiarity with Verbatim template.
Contribute commitment of one-half judging at each tournament attended to help fulfill the debate team's obligation to the tournament.
Assist Director with travel logistics, supervision and administration as requested.

Debate Institute- 30%

Instruct a lab, develop curriculum and education plans for the high school institute, and provide specialized instruction for high school debaters.
Develop the institute's curriculum, research priorities, lecture optics, and overall institute framework.
Direct and supervise faculty meetings, assignments, and multiple lecture schedules.
Lecture on important institute issues, such as the introduction to the high school debate topic and transition to paperless debate.
Serve in the place of the Director when necessary.
Lead meetings with those members of the debate team who are in Ann Arbor during the institute.
As required by Director, assure all policies, regulations and procedures are in place, followed and reported (e.g. risk management, medical, behavior, facility, etc.)
Ensure institute compliance with University policies and procedures; including emergencies related to administrative, emotional or physical needs

Recruiting- 10%

Travel to several high school debate tournaments every year to scout and meet with potential recruits and their parents and coaches.
Recruit promising high school students to attend the summer debate institute
Assure recruiting comports with Office of Undergraduate Admissions expectations.
Represent the University of Michigan honorably during all recruiting activities
Required Qualifications*

A bachelor's degree is required, along with evidence of professional success coaching a college-level debate team and administering a summer program in a large and complex institution.
Also required are the ability to work independently and make sound educational, ethical and appropriate decisions; strong organizational skills and National College Debate teaching experience; demonstrated commitment to regulatory, legal and ethical standards; demonstrated commitment to Affirmative Action, multiculturalism and diversity; understanding of the special obligations of working with both legal minors and college students; and understanding of the educational and developmental purposes of college-level Debate.

Desired Qualifications*

Extensive knowledge of theories, concepts, and best practice of collegiate policy debate education and college student development.
At least five years of experience working and interacting with college students and high school aged youth on debate issues and subjects.
Experience fostering and promoting a positive team culture and successful debate partnerships.

Additional Information

Supervision is provided by the Director of U-M Debate Program and Debate Institutes

U-M EEO/AA Statement

The University of Michigan is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.

Job Detail

Job Opening ID
Working Title
    Assistant Director UM Debate Program and Michigan Debate Institutes
Job Title
    Assistant Camp Director
Work Location
    Ann Arbor Campus
    Ann Arbor, MI
Full/Part Time
FLSA Status
Organizational Group
    Dsa Central Administ
    U-M Debate
Posting Begin/End Date
    12/01/2014 – 12/15/2014
    $53,000.00 – $66,000.00
Career Interest
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