Author Topic: Thanks to Univ of Miami for a great tournament experience  (Read 3169 times)


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Thanks to Univ of Miami for a great tournament experience
« on: January 06, 2015, 10:05:20 AM »
The Hurricane Debates were wonderful, due to the hard work of the entire Miami squad. Special thanks to Dave Steinberg, Patrick Waldinger, Leandra Lopez, and Stefan Bauschard for their tremendous efforts and hospitality. Weather is beyond any host's control, but sunny skies and 80 degrees is hard to beat.

What is within the control of a tournament host is:
- efficiently run tabroom, which Stefan did marvelously
- great location, which Dave and Patrick provided in spades: no cramped classrooms or rooms without proper electrical outlets, and every room used for debates was within 100 yards of the spacious parking lot and within 60 yards of the courtyard where hospitality was
- easy to access and dependable wifi - even outside in the courtyard. it worked all weekend, even though the campus was closed
- hospitality - the food was simply amazing. i overheard one veteran coach say "This is the best meal i've ever eaten at a debate tournament." The inclusion of local fare (Cuban pastries every morning, along with the usual fruit, juice, and coffee) was exactly the kind of personalized touch that made the tournament unique. Thank you Leandra!

Kudos and thanks to Dave, Patrick, Leandra, and the rest of the Miami squad for a GREAT experience.