Author Topic: Unofficial search for a DoD at CSU, Fullerton.  (Read 2096 times)

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Unofficial search for a DoD at CSU, Fullerton.
« on: April 22, 2015, 11:40:48 PM »
Hello amig@s, this is a highly unofficial announcement: CSU, Fullerton will soon be looking for a Director of Debate to begin instruction and coaching in August 2015. The primary qualifications are that the candidate should have an M.A. in Communication Studies, a minimum of 2 years of coaching experience in policy debate, experience in hosting tournaments, ability to interact with culturally diverse students and faculty, and a commitment to travel. The Director of Debate is also assigned argumentation and other courses in the department. The contract will be for 1 year and is renewable. Official call will follow.

The HCOM department is extremely nice and welcoming and the students are amazing. I want to get a feel for people that are potentially interested in this position. Email me as soon as possible if you are interested and if you have any questions (

Extra bonus: you will get to work with Gabriela Gonzalez and Berenice Delgado!!!
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