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2016 West Coast Swing at Berkeley
« on: April 29, 2015, 04:22:27 PM »
Greetings!  I wanted to give everyone a head's up that UC Berkeley will be hosting next year's California swing with two tournaments in Berkeley on the same dates the swing tournaments have been in recent years: Jan 3-5 and Jan 7-9.  We will be alternating years with USC/Fullerton so the tournaments will be back in So Cal in 2017, Berkeley in 2018, etc.  We very much appreciate our colleagues at USC and CSUF being willing to share with us and I hope the community will support both locations.

A couple awesome things to look forward to if you come to our tournaments:

Awards: The top speaker at each tournament will receive an engraved Katana (  The top speaker award at the first tournament will be named "The Luskey" and the top speaker award at the second tournament will be named "The Shalmon" in honor of the first Copeland award winning team in the modern Cal debate era.  Other awards will be super cool too and celebrate the history of political activism in Berkeley.

BAUDL Pro Debates are Back!:  On the day in between the two tournaments we will be hosting a round robin with eligibility open to all former debaters who must provide one currently debating college student to be their judge.  We will set minimum fundraising targets for each team as well as prizes for the teams that raise the most money.  All proceeds from the event will go to the Bay Area Urban Debate League (  When a similar event was held between the Berkeley CEDA and NDT in 2010 it raised over $10,000 for this incredible organization!

Geographically Differentiated Entry Fees:  We value the opportunity to debate teams from all across the country and recognize that those who come from farther away incur greater travel costs.  We will have a sliding scale for entry fees that try to ease some of those financial burdens.  We will keep fees affordable for West Coast teams as well, any shortfall that occurs while we experiment with this type of fee structure will be the responsibility of the Cal team.

Convenient Location and Logistics: All debates will be on one central location on campus so coaches and debaters won't have to scurry around to a bunch of different buildings.  The tournament hotel ( is right on the water in the Berkeley marina and is a straight shot 10 minute drive down one street to get to campus with elimination rounds being held in the exceptional conference space at the hotel.  Lunch will be provided by Ben Crossan's parents who are amazing professional caterers with all the great Berkeley spots close by campus for dinner (top dog, crepes a go-go, and lots more).

I'll try to release the invitation well in advance, but please let me know if you have any questions in the meantime:

We hope to see you in Berkeley in January!
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