Author Topic: Fremont Media Academy Positions (High School) - Debate background preferred  (Read 2064 times)


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Job Announcement: There are two ELA positions open at Fremont Media Academy in Oakland, CA. It would be GREAT if we could get someone with a strong debate background to fill one of them.

1. The first position is for three sections of freshman ELA and three sections of Academic Literacy with the same cohort of freshmen. Debate could definitely be  embedded in those courses. A great way to hook the youngest students into four years of debate!

2. The second position is getting worked out, but it will likely be four sections of sophomore English, two each in the Architecture and Media academies and then probably an elective of the person's choice.

Also, we also have at least one Chemistry position open. We definitely have a Spanish position open, if not two. And we have at least one P.E. position open. A debate background would strongly add to a candidate's desirability.  For more information, email Lisa Shafer at: