Author Topic: Towson entries closed, prefs open  (Read 2713 times)

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Towson entries closed, prefs open
« on: March 11, 2010, 03:21:37 AM »
Hi, everyone!  Entries for Towson's JV/Novice Nationals are now closed.  If you have changes, please phone them or text them to me at 412-445-3957 (I volunteered for the easy duty in the hope that Christy and Mike will handle the tough stuff in the tab room).  Beth will be posting instructions regarding registration, etc.  Preferences are now open.  They will remain open until 9 am on Friday.  If you want judge preferences on Friday, please make sure to meet that deadline.  We are using a 6 category preference system.  There are 71 judges in JV, and you should do your preferences as indicated on the counter (12 in each of the first 5 categories, and 11 strikes).  Conflicts count as a 5.  There are 80 judges in Novice.  Please ignore the counter.  You should have 14 judges in each of the first two categories, and 13 in each of the remaining 4 categories.  As always, you're welcome to put more judges in a higher category.  If you have questions, please email (, call, or text.  Finally, while we're in decent (but not great) shape on judging, you can always do more to help improve your preferences.  Feel free to donate 1 or more rounds.  You can text me, or you can let us know at registration.  Looking forward to seeing all of you this weekend!--Neil (on behalf of Christy, Mike, and tournament director Beth).