Author Topic: a change in Towson judging pool  (Read 2618 times)

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a change in Towson judging pool
« on: March 11, 2010, 12:02:58 PM »
Hi, everyone!  Looks like about half the teams have completed preferences.  One change that you need to address:  Ricky Deck of JMU, who was in Novice only, is gone.  He is replaced by Tiffany Pryce.  You need to rate Ms. Pryce.  This does not change the numbers you need in Novice (14 in each of the top 2 categories, 13 in each of the rest).  However, Ms. Pryce is the 72nd JV judge.  You should now be able to place 12 judges in each of the 6 categories (minus those constraints in category 5).  Ignore the counter:  for JV, it's 12 in each category.  Thanks!--Neil