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Parking, Internet and Contact Info
« on: March 11, 2010, 02:07:23 PM »
Hotel: Parking is free for guests of the Burkshire. 
Cars, minivans and SUVs will fit in the lot underneath the hotel (from the registration area take a right (do not turn out onto Burke Avenue) and drive around the back of the hotel. 
15-passenger vans may (or may not) meet the clearance requirements to park under the hotel but if you follow the same directions and continue around the back of the hotel, there are spaces on the east side of the hotel.
After 5:00 pm on Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday you may park in Lot 6 (which is directly across Burke Avenue from the hotel). 

Campus: There’s lots of construction on campus but don’t be scared 
Dropping off at Psychology:  Lot 9 (the surface lot you may have used in past years) is closed to parking because of construction but I’ve been assured that you can enter the lot to drop people off as long as you leave immediately. 
Parking: You may park in the Towsontown Garage.  Stop at the parking kiosk on the first floor and use the code 811301 to obtain a visitor parking permit.  Park only in the designated visitor spaces.  On Friday there is an attendant in the booth if you have any questions.  Make sure to display the visitor parking permit on your dashboard.

Hotel: Free wireless in the public areas of the hotel, free wired connections in guest rooms.
Campus: Connect to the Towson Guest account for free wireless on campus.

Contact Info
Beth Skinner: 443-562-2269
Chris Baron: 410-963-4949
Tab Room: Psychology 108