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Tenth Anniversary of the Debate Team Documentary
« on: September 20, 2015, 10:32:46 AM »
Remarkably, it has now been ten years since we filmed the 2005 National Tournament, the basis for DEBATE TEAM, the first feature length documentary about college debate.

To celebrate, we are now issuing a brand-new Tenth Anniversary edition. The new edition contains a never-before-released Director's Cut of the movie, ten minutes longer than the original. It also contains a second Special Feature DVD full of nearly two more hours of brand new footage, deleted scenes, and original cuts. The new, previously-unreleased debates include a clash of civilizations between the West Georgia Liberation Front and Michigan State, the full cross examinations from the Berkeley v. Harvard semi-final round at Nationals, fascinating and painfully honest commentary about the rise of kritical teams, and the legendary Klinger versus Reddy final round showdown at USC with subtitles and on-screen flow.

Check it out at:

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