Author Topic: 2015 AZTEC INVITATIONAL - SAN DIEGO - CEDA, NFA LD, BP, NPDA, AFA-NIET (x2)  (Read 2705 times)


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Dear CEDA Community,

Hello.  My name is Danny Iberri-Shea, and I am the Director of Forensics at San Diego State University, and I would like to encourage you and your team to come to San Diego to surf, fish, tan, tatt, dine, wine, and of course, compete at the 2015 Aztec/Mills Swing at San Diego State, Oct. 2-4!  As a second year Director at SDSU, I am trying to reestablish our historical policy debate team, as part of our much larger squad of debaters and individual event competitors.  Currently, our team is competing in all styles of debate.  As a former high school and college policy and NPDA debater, I gained so much from both evidence styles of debate, and more performance styles of debate, and have so much admiration and respect for the varying styles, as I do with the different styles of martial arts I have trained in.  Without going into any more reasoning, let it be said that I am trying to bring together vastly different components of the forensics community, crafting this year's tournament in such a way, so as to promote reintegration between largely secular communities.  Specifically, we are offering a true west coast style "throw-down," with 3 different formats of team debate, 1 format of individual debate, 11 AFA-NIET events (x2), AND -- insert "interdisciplinary link here" -- the option for students to do a team debate event, along with either a single debater event, OR limited (Pattern B) events.  Along with many other awards, the single top competitor for combined team debate and individual events (based on sweepstakes points) will take home a $500.00 cash prize.  I realize that the late addition of a CEDA tournament into 2015 Aztec means that many schools have not planned on coming out.  As for me, I have been out of the policy debate community for roughly 15 or so years, so adding policy to our tournament, and at the larger level, back into our own team's structure, is a work in progress, but a tradition I plan on continuing.  So thank you for considering making it out to beautiful San Diego.  Big squads and/or smaller "tactical units" welcome!  As a final incentive, novice CEDA teams may enter at 50% off registration fees.   8)  Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions or need assistance.  Attached is the official tournament invitation.  Also, if any coaches and/or directors want to help with the CEDA administration portion of the Aztec, please let me know.  I see our tournament earmarked on, but I am not sure if that is the best source, it was just what I saw at the CSUN tournament.  All teams (regardless of event) must ultimately register at, and (most likely)  I will certainly post more info about that soon.  Thank you for your time and consideration!  If there is anywhere else I should be posting this invitation, please feel free to cross-post if useful.  Peace! Danny
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