Author Topic: Clay Updates #3-9/28  (Read 2851 times)


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Clay Updates #3-9/28
« on: September 28, 2015, 11:52:00 AM »

Three things:

1) Finalize your judging-- It needs to happen by end of day Tuesday 9/29. Prefs will open on Wednesday 9/30 and be due on Friday 10/2.

2) Dietary information--attached is what I believe tabroom is telling me on the dietary front. If those numbers don't line up with your party please email me. Pescatarians are counted as vegetarians because there won't be fish options this weekend.

3) Registration--just a reminder, there won't be any on Friday. Procedure is:

A. Send an email to on Friday confirming your party has not changed. If it has changed please denote the changes.
B. Pay your fees online using OR stop by the tabroom on Saturday and settle your fees then.
C. We will post an information packet in a few places on the internet that will include the schedule and what not.