Author Topic: UNLV tourney ACCESSIBILITY update  (Read 2805 times)


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« on: October 14, 2015, 03:59:00 PM »
This was sent out as a portion of a longer email, but all interested parties may not have received it.  We want the Las Vegas Classic to be a welcoming and accessible space for all of our competitors and judges.
A) The primary building for our tournament will be BEH, which is accessible via ramps on both sides of the front of the building.
B) Competitors and judges who need a static room for the tournament due to limited mobility should contact me directly via email (at, in addition to checking the "ADA/Accessible Rooms Needed" box on the tabroom entry page. Emailing me will help to guarantee that we secure a static accessible room for you.
C) We have several gender neutral restrooms in areas of campus/buildings that we will be using for the tournament. They are: FDH 145, SU 108, SU 217, WRI-C 123, WRI-C 214, WRI-C 312.
D) We will designate a quiet room for its tournament, which will be on the first floor of BEH. That room number will be publicized closer to the date of the tournament. The quiet room will be accessible to anyone at the tournament as a place to alleviate the sensory overload. This room will have noise restrictions (headphones okay) and low lighting to allow for relaxation.
E) If there are any access needs/requests that we have not considered or thought of, please email me directly.

We look forward to hosting you all in FABULOUS LAS VEGAS!