Author Topic: Interviewing 4 Grad School/Jobs? RSVP 4 "Acing the Dinner Interview" (Free) @Cal  (Read 2392 times)


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Hello College Debate Community,

Southern Wine & Spirits is offering a free "Acing the Job Interview" seminar to all Seniors & Grad Students attending the Cal Swing on Jan 6 at 5pm in the tournament hotel. The seminar will be  over dinner with wine tasting pairings (so must be 21 to attend).

The goal is to improve debater access to jobs & grad school. We all have those interviews where food and drinks are plentiful and sometimes we mess them up. This seminar is to help you navigate the PhD parties at NCA or the lecture/tenure track interview over dinner.

It's free. It will be awesome. It is the actual Catalina Wine Mixer.

You must RSVP to attend. Email Toni Nielson at to RSVP or with any questions about the seminar.