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More Cal announcements
« on: December 30, 2015, 07:07:48 PM »
A couple additional announcements for the Cal tournaments:

1) A list of Unisex, Single-Stall, Gender-Inclusive and Other Restrooms on UC Berkeley's Central Campus (map included) can be found here:

2) A quiet room will be available throughout the tournaments in Dwinelle 130

3) Send me your speaker award song if you haven't done so already!  Even if you are feeling like you shouldn't send me a song because you might not get a speaker award, do it anyway!  We'll give out an award to the best theme song, so you may win something anyway (plus, confidence is important).

4) A reminder that breakfast, lunch, and some snacks will be provided by the tournament but dinner will not.  There are lots of places to eat off telegraph on the south side of campus and in between the west side of campus and Shattuck Ave.

Top Dog on 2534 Durant, Crepes a go go on 2334 Telegraph, and Cream on 2399 Telegraph are some local favorites
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