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2016 CEDA Nationals Invite
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Thursday, January 21, 2016

It is our pleasure to invite you to attend the 2016 CEDA National Debate Tournament hosted by Binghamton University held March 25-29, 2016.

We are inviting all teams to attend this tournament, and we are not setting an entry limit. We will be offering the seventh novice breakout elimination debates that will clear to quarters.

This invitation will provide all of the necessary information to enter and prepare to attend the tournament. Please review the materials, because there are several changes designed to improve your experience. We will continue the practice of having participants enter the tournament 100% online. All registration information can be submitted online without the use of any traditional mail service.

Over the next few weeks we will update tournament information at the dedicated tournament thread in the CEDA forums as needed. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Mike at

We look forward to seeing everyone in Binghamton!

Michael Davis
CEDA President

Gabe Murillo
First Vice President, CEDA

Amber Kelsie
Second Vice President, CEDA

CEDA Statement of Principles and Tournament Governance

The Cross Examination Debate Association is committed to promoting ethical communication behavior as important part of an activity that maintains a deep respect for freedom of expression. Its members recognize that the adversarial and competitive nature of academic debate places participant students, educators, judges and tournament administrators in the position of having to weigh the merits of competing strategies that may have ethical implications. Related to this principle is the belief that all members of this community will have access to all CEDA debate activities regardless of race, gender, sex, creed, age, national origin, sexual orientation, impairment, or disability.

In recognition that the Cross Examination Debate Association is an association of professional educators committed to promoting a respectful form of argumentation; the Association recognizes that behaviors which belittle, degrade, demean, or otherwise dehumanize others are not in the best interest of the activity because they interfere with the goals of education and personal growth. All CEDA participants should recognize the rights of others and communicate with respect for opponents, colleagues, critics, tournament hosts and audience members.

CEDA participants should also adhere to the CEDA Constitution, CEDA By-laws, and local, state and federal laws. Behaviors by any tournament participants occurring at Association supported, sanctioned or sponsored events that violate this standard of a healthy educational environment should be recognized as “Unprofessional Conduct;” and inconsistent with the mission of the Association. These actions are subject to sanction(s) by the Association. The community should continue to emphasize best practices for ethical and respectful forms of argumentation.

In keeping with these principles, the CEDA National Tournament will abide by the guidelines and procedures of CEDA's Statement on Discrimination and Sexual Harassment and the CEDA Statement of Ethical Principles. Please inform your students that a Sexual Harassment Officer will be available to hear any complaints at the tournament.

CEDA Affirmative Placement Policies

The Cross Examination Debate Association 2016 National Tournament will have systems to affirmatively place women and racial minorities in accordance with the recently passed amendments. Since these amendments are still being discussed & interpreted by CEDA’s EC and Diversity Committee, we will update this invitation when more specific details become available.

Entering the Tournament

I. Fees

Every school that enters CEDA Nationals must be a member of CEDA (i.e., current with their 2015-2016 CEDA dues). You may pay your dues along with your entry fees. We ask for your cooperation in correctly entering and quickly updating your entries if changes become necessary.

Programs designed as ‘emerging’ should confirm their discounts in their entry fees when registering.

Payment can be made directly to CEDA using our paypal store linked at You may also pay by cash or cashier’s check. We will no longer be accepting personal checks as payment.

Registration fees for entries made by March 3, 2016 are as follows:
Entry fees are $120.00 per team and $50 per person.

Changes to fee structure this year represent the move away from a host fee to a per person fee based on what is actually provided at the tournament. The $50 per person fee provides 3 breakfasts (Sat-Mon) and 2 lunches (Sat-Sun). Binghamton University thanks to the generous donation from the Provost Office has enabled additional hospitality that will be provided throughout the entirety of the tournament that will go beyond the per person fee.

Registration fees for entries made by March 16, 2016 are as follows:

Entry fees $145.00 per team and $50 per person.

No registration will be accepted after March 16th.

Per-person fees will be assessed on March 16th. Due to catering commitments, school will be required to pay for all individuals entered at this time.

If your fees are not paid in full by the time of awards, your school will not be eligible to receive sweepstakes trophies or advance in elimination rounds. Changes, including drops or name changes, will be accepted by phone or email. If you make a name change after you mail in the registration, you are required to update your verification forms to include these students.

To make a change in your entry after March 16th, please contact Michael Davis at  

Your registration is not complete until you complete the check-in registration on March 25th. You will not be entered into the tournament if you do not complete check-in registration during the designated time for registration. If travel delays beyond your control occur, please see the tab room staff as soon as you reach the tournament to verify your entry and judging preferences.

II. Entering your school, team and judges

You may enter CEDA Nationals online at  Please encourage your students to specify any allergies or dietary preferences for catering purposes in their tabroom accounts. The host will consider anyone left unspecified is vegetarian. Your entry is not complete until all attendees have information entered into this documents: The process will resemble other tournaments, but there are some additional requirements so please submit or make sure the site is correct for each of the following:

A. Your teams and judges
B. The total number of individuals in your party
C. Email and cell numbers for all judges. This will be especially important as we expect to utilize a system that allows email ballot entry.
D. Judge philosophies for all judges
E. Judge preclusions
F. Any hired judging
G. ADA information for any tournament participants. The tournament will make reasonable accommodations for all qualified tournament participants. Please include the name of individuals and the nature of the accommodation requested in your entry. CEDA has asked Dan Stanfield to serve as accessibility coordinator please feel free to contact him with any concerns at or Mike Davis at

Hybrids: The practice of entering hybrid school teams is allowed. Teams may be composed of two students from different member schools, as long as the judging requirements are met. All hybrids should be confirmed with the tournament director to ensure proper round pairing.

Judging Requirements: Each school is responsible for providing four rounds of preliminary round judging for every team entered.  In order to assure the best judging pool possible, every qualified judge should be in the pool for at least two preliminary debates.  All judges are obligated through the double-octafinal round. Affirmative placement will be more effective on the final day if diverse judges make themselves available beyond their commitment.

Judging Practices: All judges must render a decision in each assigned round. One team must win and the opposing team must lose. Speaker points on a range of 1-30 must be assigned to each speaker, including tenths of a decimal place and no ties between debaters. We ask that all judges seek to provide some level of differentiation between the points assigned to each speaker in a debate. Judges failing to show up for an assigned debate will be assessed a $30.00 fee. This fee will need to be paid to the Treasurer prior to the Awards Assembly. Any judge failing to show up in rounds occurring after the Awards Ceremony, will also result in a $30.00 fee, billed to the school for whom the judge represents.

Decision and Discussion Time: In order to facilitate the tournament, we are requiring that all judges decide each preliminary debate by 2:45 after the announced stat time. Fifteen minutes minimum will be allocated to post round discussion of the decision, but we must ask that the post-round cease 15 minutes after the decision deadline so debaters can move on to their next debate with adequate and fair time.

Judging Philosophies: All judges must provide a judging philosophy statement or they cannot judge. Philosophy statements from all judges for a school must accompany the school's entry and be entered electronically on

III. Eligibility

Participating schools must be members of CEDA at the time of registration. Each debate team entered in this tournament must consist of two students, each of whom presents one constructive speech and one rebuttal speech. Unless otherwise provided dispensation by the CEDA Executive Council, the term "students" is defined as "officially enrolled undergraduate students in good standing at the college or university they represent in competition." Tournament contestants must not have competed for more than the maximum of five different, not necessarily consecutive, academic years. Participation in other forms of post-secondary debate will factor into eligibility calculation when conditions in subsequent subsections are met. Three-person teams and one-person teams will not eligible to enter or compete in the tournament. Students may participate in no more than four CEDA National Tournaments.

In the spring of 2009, we clarified our rules with regard to enrollment documents. Our new constitutional requirement specifies that, “Each program entering the National CEDA Tournament is required to submit official documentation from their college or university verifying that each competitor is currently enrolled and in good standing.” There is no required form for these documents. As long as your materials satisfy these criteria they will be accepted.

Please submit eligibility documents electronically to by March 1, 2016.  Please use a pdf file format and write Your School Name (e.g. Idaho State) - Eligibility in the subject line.  You will receive a confirmation email when your forms have been received.  If you cannot submit documents electronically, please send them to:

Michael Davis
MSC 2106
James Madison University
54 Bluestone Drive
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

If you submit paper documents, please include a brief note with your email address so that we can confirm receipt.  

IV. Tournament Hotel & Travel

HOTEL BOOKING INFORMATION: You can either book online or call the hotel directly. If you plan on staying for CEDA & the NDT you must call the hotel to book since the group codes are different for both. The hotel will be the Binghamton Doubletree. Their phone number is 607-722-7575. If you book online use group code "DEB" for the NDT and "CEB" for CEDA. Their website is We will post alternative hotel arrangements when the main hotel block fills.
2016 CEDA National Tournament Schedule (Anticipated)

CEDA is committed to offering a high quality tournament experience. We also recognize that the average tournament day is very long. We have designed to a schedule that is realistic and should allow participants to leave at a reasonable time each evening. To stay on schedule, we are providing two pre-set debates, utilizing a 2:45 decision time for all debates and adopting an email ballot system. We ask for everyone’s cooperation in doing your part to respect the schedule, so we can balance the rigor and quality of life for all participants.

Friday, March 25 – All Events at Binghamton Doubletree
2:00 PM All judge preference forms must be entered
3:30-4:30 PM Executive Council Meeting
5:00 - 7:30 PM Registration Confirmation
8:00-9:00 PM Awards Ceremony
(Pairings for Rounds 1-2 Released at conclusion of Awards Ceremony)

Saturday, March 26 – All Rounds at Binghamton University campus
7:00am Breakfast provided on-campus
8:00 AM Round 1
11:00 AM Round 2
1:00 PM Lunch provided on-campus
3:00 PM Round 3
6:30 PM Round 4

Sunday, March 27- All Rounds at Binghamton University campus
7:00am Breakfast provided on-campus
7:00 AM Pairings released for round 5 online
8:00 AM Round 5
11:30 AM Round 6
1:30 PM Lunch provided on-campus
3:30 PM Round 7
6:30 PM Round 8
10:00 PM Release of teams and judges for the first elimination round

Monday, March 28 - All debates at Binghamton University campus
8:00 AM Partial Quad (if necessary)
8:00 AM Breakfast provided on-campus  
9:00 AM CEDA Business Meeting
10:00 AM Release of pairings for Triple Octafinals
*** This is only if there are not Quad Octafinals. If quads are necessary, the triples
pairings will be available immediately after the conclusion of quads.
11:00 AM Triple Octafinals & Release of the full bracket
1:30pm Lunch provided on-campus
3:00 PM Double Octafinals & Novice Breakout Quarterfinals
7:00 PM Awards Ceremony
8:00 PM Student Party & Coaches Reception

Tuesday, March 29 - All rounds at the Binghamton Doubletree
7:00am Coffee & Snacks Provided at the Doubletree
7:00 AM Release of Octafinal pairings
8:00 AM Octafinal round  & Novice Semifinals
12:00 PM Quarterfinal round & Novice Finals
4:00 PM Semifinal round
8:00 PM Final round  
Tournament Procedures

Anticipated Tournament Staff: Gary Larson, Mike Davis, M.L. Sandoz, Kathryn Rubino, Jeff Jarman, Nick Ryan, Joe Patrice, Gabe Murillo, Amber Kelsie. Additional tab room staff may be added. Individual staff members will be dismissed from the tab room should they have teams in elimination rounds.

Equipment: Students using AV equipment in their debate rounds are asked to transport their own equipment. We cannot guarantee any debate team will be placed in a room with available AV equipment.

Divisions: All preliminary competition will be held in one division. This division is open to all eligible debaters. All debates will operate on a 9-3-6 model with 10 minutes per team for preparation. There will be a separate elimination round bracket for teams comprised of two Novices and declaring during the registration, their intent to participate in the Novice elims should they qualify.

Judging Assignment Procedure and Preference Forms: Assignment of judges will be done according to a mutual preference system from an available pool of critics. We plan to use Larson’s ordinal Ranking system, with adjustments for affirmative placement consistent with recent CEDA Bylaws Amendments. Specific details will be forthcoming, based on recommendations from the CEDA Diversity Committee and the CEDA-EC.

Judges failing to show up for an assigned debate will be assessed a $30.00 fee. This fee will need to be paid to the Treasurer prior to the Awards Assembly. Any judge failing to show up in rounds occurring after the Awards Ceremony, will also result in a $30.00 fee, billed to the school for whom the judge represents.

Preference forms turned in before 2:00 PM on Friday (3/25) will be honored for the whole tournament. Forms turned in after the 2:00 PM deadline but before the beginning of Round 1 will be honored in all rounds after Round 5. No forms will be accepted after the start of Round 1. Beginning with the Octafinal round until the semifinal round, we will also supply strike cards consisting of five critics selected by the mutual preference system. Each team will be allowed to strike one critic to determine the panel of judges.

To assure that judges are assigned fairly, it will be the obligation of coaches, judges, and contestants to indicate any conflicts on the entry form. We urge judges to avoid the appearance of impropriety by excusing themselves from hearing teams with whom they have recent close association or imminent future associations. Associations include judging and traveling with a team, coaching a member of a team, being a recent graduate of that school, being romantically involved with member(s) of the team, etc. Judges should also excuse themselves from judging teams from schools at which they are planning to coach next year.

Tobacco, Alcohol and Illegal Substances Policy: There will be no smoking, alcohol consumption or use of illegal substances in any competition at the 2016 CEDA National Tournament. Individuals violating this rule should expect to be asked to leave the tournament. We ask that all Directors of Forensics, coaches, and judges communicate this expectation to student competitors.

Matching: Rounds 1-2 be preset randomly.  The remaining debate rounds will be paired using the following criteria.  1) We will create a rank order of teams based on traditional sorting criteria.  This creates a “seed” for each team as of that point in the tournament.  2) We will calculate the average seed of each of a team’s prior opponents.  3)  When necessary due to side skews, teams will be advanced to the next higher bracket based in order of the weakest average strength of opposition.  3) Once brackets are equalized, a team’s own seed and the average seed of their prior opponents will be added together to create a hybrid statistic WLQ.  4)  Teams will be sorted high to low within brackets based on WLQ.

Speaker Awards: We are exploring a move from Hi/Low adjusted speaker points to double-adjusted Z-Score. Once a decision is finalized, the invitation will be updated.

Elimination Rounds: Teams will break to elimination rounds and be placed in bracket order based on the seeding process described above. Brackets will not be broken in elimination rounds should two teams from the same school be scheduled to meet each other. Mixed- team schools will be granted "same team" status for matching purposes. In the event that two teams from the same school are scheduled to debate in the elimination rounds, the school involved must indicate to the tournament director which team will advance at the beginning of that round. Judges are expected to decide in a timely manner.  If judges do not decide in a reasonable time frame, the tab room will impose a time limit.  

Novice Break Out Elimination Rounds: We will offer a breakout Elimination Round bracket for teams comprised of 2 Novices as per the CEDA definition. The bracket will qualify the top eight eligible Novice entries.

When you register please indicate any teams comprised of two Novice debaters who would like to be considered for the Novice Breakout Bracket. Judge preferences will be in effect for the Novice Breakout Bracket, with explicit instructions to the tab room staff, to first place judges in the National Championship Bracket rounds, then to place judges in the Novice Breakout Bracket rounds. A novice team may qualify and compete for the elimination rounds in the championship division. The only conflict would occur if and when a novice team reached the double-Octafinals. Any novice team qualifying for the Double Octofinals must continue to compete in the open division championship.

All judges are obligated through the double-octafinals of the National Tournament.

Awards: In addition to the annual CEDA awards, awards will be presented to all elimination round participants and to the top twenty speakers in the preliminary rounds.  Sweepstakes awards will be presented as that information becomes available. Regional awards not already presented will be mailed to recipients at the conclusion of the National Tournament.

Campus Parking. We anticipate plenty of campus in surface lots close to many of the competition buildings. Detailed maps and directions will be provided by the host.
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The tournament invoice isn't working on as of 1-28-16.


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It seems to be working now.