Author Topic: 6 Life Lessons that you won’t get from College  (Read 4560 times)


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6 Life Lessons that you won’t get from College
« on: February 01, 2016, 04:00:30 AM »
It is no rocket science that college is the one true place where you earn your wings to fly out into the real world. It is the place where we learn the importance of hitting the books and balancing our social life. And when the time comes to leave the nest, as in graduate, your next stop is to get a job.

But is it really that simple? If you look a little closely, you will find that it in fact is not. All those stories you have probably heard from your parents and teachers are merely sugarcoated versions of what is to come your way. If you don’t believe us then we’ll show it to you with this article.

Even though you will find out what you’re capable of through college, there are certain few lessons that not even your alma mater can teach you.

1.   Skills and experience is what matters

College is known to provide students with only the basics of some of society’s toughest jobs. The real pleasure or agony comes with actually being a part of it. It is experience that helps you understand whether you are fit for a job or not. With that experience you obtain skills that you will pick up as time goes by.

The training wheels you got from your alma mater are going to have to come off by the time you go looking for your dream job.

2.   Making money is not going to be easy

The reason why you won’t hear your professors discussing salaries is because they’re not your employers. Their duty is to only teach you about how things go about in companies. Teachers do not know how many hours you have to put and the work rate that you have been assigned with.

There is also the painful deed of paying off your student loans. If you don’t have a well-paying job you can’t possibly hope to cover yourself up. One of the better solutions would be to limit your credit spending and aim for scholarship aid.

3.   Your major will not be your career

The funny thing about doing majors is that sometimes, we end up with something other than we expected. For instance, you may have excelled at marketing, but what you get in this world given how it is may be beyond what you had planned. That is not to say that you can’t work your way into a better position later on.

4.   You may never see your college buddies again

Let’s face it;as soon as those graduation caps fly off our heads, we are free from the clutches of repetitive class discussions and dissertation writing services, but we may also never see our friends again. It is here that we should face another reality; everybody moves on with their lives.

Sure you may get in touch with them on social media on one occasion or the other, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll be seeing their faces again. They tie the knot, get their own jobs and that’s the end of it.

5.   Communicating for real is even tougher

The 7 Cs of communication that you picked up from college may have gotten you an A, but don’t expect the same grade to help you when you go out into the open. Asking for a salary bump and talking to your future in-laws are some of the worst cases where your tongue can slip up.

6.   You open up to the real world

If you had it set out in your head that the world was all puppies and rainbows after graduation, you need to wake up. You may find that the person who calls you friend right next to you is actually your enemy. You will also find out that nothing is as easy as you read it out to be.

This is where you have finally seen the world for what it really is. You may not even end up making a lot of friends, but you will make the right ones with a clearer understanding of your surroundings.