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Second Round At Large Qualifying Teams
« on: March 07, 2016, 03:53:39 PM »
Thank you to all the teams that applied.  I would like to congratulate the following teams for receiving a Second Round at Large Bid to the 2016 NDT.

Baylor BC (Barron & Conner)
Cal State Fullerton DG   (Delgado & Gonzalez)
Emory FL (Forman & Lewis)
Gonzaga SW   (Spraker & Weinhardt)
Harvard AM   (Asimow & Medrano)
Indiana SH (Smale & Hoffman)
Kansas CA (Bhatla & Carey)
Kentucky HR   (Hampton & Roman)
Mary Washington CW   (Coon & Wimberly)
Michigan State WM   (Walkington & Munsinger)
Puget Sound BQ (Brittenham & Queirolo)
Rutgers-Newark HQ (Haughton & Quiroz)
Stanford PT   (Pattabi & Tambe)
Texas BP (Bleiweiss & Pabst)
Wichita State CW   (Crane & Welch)
Wichita State OS   (O'Donnell & Saunders)


Sarah T. Partlow Lefevre
NDT Tournament Director