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NDT Logistics Information - All schools must enter
« on: March 09, 2016, 09:14:06 AM »
Hi NDT Colleagues,

Below you will find the link to the logistics entry page for the 2016 NDT tournament. One official representative from each school must enter the information requested. You will be asked to:
1) identify all individuals traveling with you to the tournament
2) All dietary information for each individual traveling with you to the tournament

This information will be used to generate an invoice that will be sent to you for payment purposes. Please note: all payments must be received by registration on March 31.

Please enter all information by March 15.

Please note: This survey will be annoying. You have already entered information in the Tabroom. You have also probably entered information on Joe's host page. Unfortunately, we've had some communication difficulties and this has resulted in confusion about who is collecting what in terms of data. Double-unfortunate, but I don't have anymore volunteer time to spare to go back into the survey to make changes, and I can't correlate all the details from different sources, and I need all this data for NDT purposes. So thanks in advance for your patience.

Danielle Leek, NDT