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NDT Tournament management update
« on: March 31, 2016, 01:55:16 PM »
Please read carefully – several announcements regarding tournament operations are embedded (communications, ballots, managing start and end of rounds, elim pref sheets, near-real time updates).

Before talking about tournament operations, I should remind folks that I need pref sheet verifications on file from ALL teams (29 still outstanding) AND as you know your Monday plans, I need you to inform me of those as well (I’ll start pestering early on Saturday).

In order to better assist the staff at the NDT to more effectively manage the start and completion of rounds and given the switch from tabroom to STA, we are implementing some new procedures.  The first thing you will note is that I will simulate the START button in tabroom to help the local staff manage the start of rounds.  Instead of judges getting a ballot from me when the pairing is released, if you are assigned a round you will get the following START email that has the specifics for your debate.  Unless you are the last judge to arrive, as soon as you get to the room, we request that you return the START email by just hitting REPLY ALL.  When you send that reply it will record your presence in the master pairing AND will result in a BALLOT being sent to you (voting will be by email instead of logging into tabroom).  When the last judge arrives, he or she should return their START email as soon as the judges and participants are all ready.  Since the rooms are a bit spread out, it is imperative that we use this electronic method of tracking who’s present and who isn’t.  It’s also the ticket to getting your ballot sent to you.

The email ballot will look exactly like the ballots you’ve received from me in the past.

As per usual, you should not delete my text but answer each prompt after the COLONS.  In some cases, gmail doesn’t permit true inline responses.  You can overcome this by cutting and pasting my message into the response box in your gmail client and then provide inline responses.  You can also use a shorthand to respond without cutting and pasting.  The key prompts that you need to type are Dec: for the decision, LPW: for low point wins (you don’t need to type it if it isn’t one) and A1: , A2: , N1: , N2: for the speaker points, noting that the numbers are NOT the speaker positions but rather the order they are listed on the ballot.

The CONFIRMATION message to the judge will now include more information (see below).  The header will indicate who the judge voted for.  The points will be repeated back based on what got entered into STA.  An ERROR message will also include more information.  So look at the messages when they come back to you to ensure that what I’ve recorded is what you’ve intended.

Because each debate is a panel debate, I will NOT officially post the results of the debate until it has been verified and announced by the panel.  To facilitate this, once the last judge has voted and had their decision electronically confirmed, the following email will go to everyone on the panel.  After confirming what I’ve recorded AND after announcing the decision, I need any one person – the first judge listed perhaps – to confirm the announcement by responding to the email.  This was clearly the “weakest” link at CEDA during elims, but I depend on this confirmation to publicize the result.  THANKS
For those with a need or just an interest in near real-time updates of tournament data (pairings, decisions, points distribution, etc.), we will not be LIVE in tabroom, only uploading at the conclusion of a debate and the posting of the next one.  Instead, we will provide a live link to a tournament file at  This file will be updated with each announced decision, the arrival of each judge to their room, etc.

The last topic is ELIM pref sheets.  The prelim sheet is in force for DBLS but for articipants in OCTOS and beyond, you will be permitted to edit your pref sheet beginning Saturday morning, once I’ve confirmed everyone’s travel plans to determine who should still be on the sheet on Monday.  The sheet will function exactly the same way except that everyone will be treated as having an identical obligation of ONE in calculating the percentages.  The entering and editing of elim prefs will not impact prelims since I’ve already downloaded that data and operate offline.

If you have questions DO NOT hesitate to ask.