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Jesuit Updates
« on: September 22, 2016, 12:32:44 PM »
The Zags are beyond excited that next month we have the honor of hosting a large chunk of our community here in Spokane at the 2016 Jesuit.  Below are a few notes to help with planning. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at
1.   In response to the many inquiries we have received…yes, we do plan on continuing the long standing tradition of the Harvard costume contest. Details will be forthcoming but feel free to begin planning your costumes.  My understanding (from my students who will be organizing this) is that we plan on having the community vote through some type of online polling.  Again, more details as they emerge but just know that yes, it is on.
2.   Entering. We have had a few drops so if you are interested in joining us but did not get your entry in on time before we filled up please enter now.  As of today we have been able to accommodate everyone who wanted to bring up to 4 teams. Our waitlist is comprised of 5th and 6th teams which we plan on accepting tomorrow so those folks can make travel plans. I would ask that if you already plan on dropping teams you do that today so I can have a better idea of how many of the waitlisted teams I can let in.  I would also ask that you begin to fill in your TBAs with actual names.
3.   Judging. Some of you have entered for 8 rounds. However, given that we are a 6 prelim tournament, those extra 2 prelims are a nice gesture but unnecessary. At your convenience please correct your judging to accurately reflect the commitment.  Also – if you have extra rounds and would like to be hired please submit those and I’ll approve them for the hired exchange. Spokane does not have a deep pool of local judges to draw from as you might find in Boston or Atlanta and we are not requiring more rounds for your 3rd and 4th teams since that seems kind of unfair to teams that have 3rd and 4th teams. Instead we plan to hire extra judging but to do that I need to know who is available.
4.   Schedule. The schedule in the invite is accurate.  4 prelims on Saturday, 2 prelims and doubles on Sunday followed by the awards reception at the hotel, and the remaining elims on Monday.  If you are taking the late flights out of Spokane to travel home the only round you would be in jeopardy of missing is finals.  This is one of the many perks of a 6 prelim schedule (the others being things like the ability to host a doubles, the quality of life and the humanization of tournaments).
5.   Hotels – if you haven’t booked your hotel yet please do that soon. The blocks close on October 5th but it sounds like they are almost full at both hotels. If you have any trouble booking your rooms at either the Red Lion Hotel at the Park or the Courtyard Marriott please let me know and I’ll do whatever I can to help.
6.   Paying fees. You can do this online and the link is in the invite.  This is our preferable way to receive payment but we also accept cash/checks and even purchase orders. If you do need to pay with a purchase order please contact me in advance for our W9 so you process the payment in advance and I won’t be waiting until March for payment.
7.   Finally, the amazing Gary Larsen will be running our tabroom. While Gary will be tabbing long distance, on the ground we will have Adrienne Brovero, Danielle Verney-O’Gorman and a cadre of Zags working to make sure things run on time, ballots are submitted in a timely fashion, and any concerns you have are being addressed.
That’s about it for now but look for more announcements as the tournament draws near. Again, we are really looking forward to the return of the Jesuit and hosting so many of our friends up here in our little corner of the world. If you have comments or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me. Good luck to everyone at Kentucky, Weber or wherever your travels might take you next week.

Glen and the entire Zag crew