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Harvard - Coach of Debate
« on: November 10, 2016, 06:41:10 PM »
Harvard has posted a job opening for a debate coach.  This is Dallas’ job.  If you are interested and have questions, please contact Dallas at  Don’t be put off by the part-time status and low pay advertised; Harvard Debate Inc., the non-profit which funds the activities of the debate team, is prepared to compensate the new coach for the rest of their time.
Sherry is planning to remain as a coach for at least a few more years.  She plans to continue running the businesses of Harvard Debate, Inc.
If you are interested in reading the posting for the job please go to:  From there click “Administrative Staff Jobs/ External Candidates”, then click “search openings”, then type in the word “debate” in the Keyword space toward the bottom of the page, click search, check the box next to “Coach of Debate”, and then click “view job(s).”