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NDT Accommodations and Update
« on: March 08, 2017, 10:15:48 AM »
We are excited about hosting you at the KU Edwards campus and want to make sure that we accommodate any needs you have to make the tournament a pleasant experience. I wanted to give an update on progress we are making on accommodations. The facility we are using is a small-contained facility that is totally ADA compliant. We will be using two attached buildings for all debates, announcements and meals during the tournament. There are no hills to climb and no long walks to make. The buildings are three floors and we have the facility to ourselves for the tournament. A parking lot that will allow you to park close to the entrances surrounds the buildings. The Edwards Campus staff has designated two restrooms as gender-neutral rest rooms, one on the second floor of each building so they will be centrally located. We will also have a designated quiet room for people to use to get away.

If you have particular needs that we can help with please let us know. Benton Bajorek will serve as the Accommodation Coordinator for the tournament. Please communicate any needs, questions or concerns you have to Benton and copy Scott Harris Communicate ADA requests related to scheduling debates directly to Sarah Partlow Lefevre. If anyone requires us to provide shuttle service between the hotel and the Edwards Campus please let us know so that we can arrange to have appropriate vehicles available.
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