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HS Policy Debate Coach Needed
« on: July 02, 2017, 02:38:02 AM »
School: Westside High School, Houston, Texas

Situation: Debate teacher left recently due to personal issues. We are in need for a new policy coach for the upcoming 2017-2018 year.

About the team: We are a team that debates at the local UDL (Houston Urban Debate League), official Texas circuit (Texas Forensics Association), and on the national circuit within the Texas area. The team has made several progressions in performance in recent years such as getting to break rounds at NAUDL (National Association for Urban Debate Leagues) tournament, 13 and 14th speaker at the NAUDL tournament, qualified to TFA state, broken at a national circuit tournament, and along with several wins, first and second speaker awards, and finals appearances in the regular season at tournaments. The team also participates in LD and PF but those areas have seen less success and the team is looking to move for more focus on competing in policy at a higher level. The policy side is most definitely highly committed to moving forward and has debaters who are currently attending the Michigan 7 week program and other camps.

Teams Future: An ongoing issue for us in the past, is coaches being unwilling to travel to larger tournaments on the national circuit. We are looking for somebody who is up to date with the game and willing to work with us to reach the highest levels of success at the high school level of debate. 

Official Job Post:

If interested please send an email to our principal: