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ADI Evidence and Lectures available
« on: August 11, 2017, 06:07:14 PM »
Greetings all,

The ADI has concluded and the evidence set is available for purchase. We will release the evidence for free after the conclusion of the UMKC/GSU weekends of debates. We believe reserving the evidence for the students that worked on the files up until the first tournament best honors their work. The evidence set this year is $100. Files include:

Medicare for All AFF (health, disease, readiness/heg, economy, income inequality, race inequality adv)
Medicare for All NEG (including econ DA links, readiness recruitment turns, anti-biotic resistance turns)

Psychoanalysis AFF/NEG

Topicality AFF/NEG
Pharmaceutical Innovation DA
Politics DA (debt ceiling and NK lashout)
Medical Biopolitics K (including many, many modules)

This year, the ADI also tested a hybrid online/in person format where students researched the topic, viewed lectures, and discussed debate online for 2 weeks before coming to Tempe for a week's worth of practice debates. As a result, we have a series of lectures available, including free novice content at In addition to novice lectures, we have a large number of other debate and topic lectures. You can purchase the evidence and lectures together for a total $300. Lecture list:

Verbatim Efficiency
Source Credibility
Google tips and tricks
Significance of Health Care for the People
Significance of Health Care on the Economy
What is the Affordable Care Act?
What is Medicare for All?
Bonus talk: The Flow and Lists
Pharmaceutical Innovation DA
Intro to the K
AFF Perms against Ks
Aff Perms against Ks -- lecture notes
1AR Techniques, Part 1
1AR Techniques, Part 2
1AR Techniques, Part 3
ADI 17 Opening Topic Lecture Part 1 - Topicality and the Present System of Health Insurance
ADI 17 Opening Topic Lecture Part 2 - Access Affirmative Advantages to NHI
ADI 17 Opening Topic Lecture Part 3 - Cost and Quality Affirmative Advantages to NHI
ADI 17 Opening Topic Lecture Part 4 - Critical Affirmatives and designing affs to answer neg strategies
Framing the K

We even have a few more lectures coming.

Evidence and lectures may be purchased at by selecting either "EVIDENCE" or "EVIDENCE PLUS LECTURES"