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Speech Team Coach - Newark, NJ
« on: September 27, 2017, 08:31:41 PM »
 I believe they are looking to fill the position ASAP. Please help spread the word.

"Uncommon Schools is looking for a talented and passionate founding coach of a speech program at North Star Academy Washington Park High School (NSAWPHS), a high-achieving charter high school in Newark, NJ.  In just 2 years, NSAWPHS has already established a nationally competitive debate team. Now, NSAWPHS is building on debate students’ success by launching a nationally competitive speech program. As a founding coach, you will train and coach students to compete in interpretative and speech events, ultimately empowering scholars and citizens capable of “changing history”.  Once successful, this program has the potential to grow to include all Uncommon middle and high schools across all regions (currently, 7 high schools and 24 middle schools). You will ultimately have the opportunity to develop the vision for a speech program that will impact thousands of scholars.

The high school speech founding coach is responsible for coaching and teaching speech skills to students so that they are nationally competitive and are able to create and perform their own unique speeches to inspire others. In addition to leading the HS Speech program in its founding year, there will be some teaching responsibilities throughout the year. Uncommon seeks coaches and teachers who are committed to continuously improving curriculum and instruction to close the achievement gap."

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