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Coach's Poll Returns
« on: October 11, 2018, 10:40:23 AM »
The return of the Top 25 Coach's Poll:

Some programs have benefited from the positive PR generated by Coach's Polls in previous years. I am bringing it back in with that hope. Please consider participating--the results may not necessarily be helpful to your program, but they may well benefit others.

- The 1st team on each ballot receives 25 points; the 2nd receives 24 points; etc., until the 25th team receives 1 point. In case of ties, points for those spots will be evenly divided.
- I will accept one ballot per school, submitted by a coach. Please email your list to
- Your rankings will be private. However, I will publish an alphabetical list of schools that voted.
- You are welcome to rank your own teams for the sake of accuracy, but they will not receive points for your ballot.
- Each team’s total score will be divided by the number of voters eligible to rank it, so that no school is disadvantaged by voting.
- No school or college debate organization is undertaking this poll, and it should be understood that voters do not invest as much time as a voter for NDT at-large bids, etc.

I will accept ballots until Monday October 22nd at 9AM EST. I will publish later that day. There will be another poll conducted after the Wake Forest tournament.