Author Topic: Soliciting Nominations for 2019 National Debate Tournament Coaching Awards  (Read 1444 times)


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Each year the Board of Trustees of the National Debate Tournament awards the Lucy M. Keele and George Ziegelmueller coaching awards. This year the Board is inviting nominations from active coaches in the NDT community.

The Lucy M. Keele Award
The Lucy Keele Award honors the former Director of Debate at CSU Fullerton and member of the Board of Trustees for many years. The award was created to recognize outstanding service to the Debate Community. The award recognizes individuals who have devoted time and effort to make the debate community a more enjoyable and productive experience for students.
Recent recipients of this award include: 2010 - Jim Hanson and Aaron Hardy; 2011 - Dallas Perkins; 2012 - Gary Larson; 2013 - Tim O’Donnell; 2014 – Sarah Partlow Lefevre; 2015 – John Fritch; 2016 – David Hingstman; 2017 – Michael Davis; 2018- Arnie Madsen & Cate Palezewski.

The George Ziegelmueller Award
Wayne State Debate Alumni endowed an award in honor of their coach, George Ziegelmueller, for his over 30 years of excellent coaching, timeless commitment to the activity and numerous contributions to the forensics community---not the least of which was saving the NDT in 1966. This award and is presented to a faculty member who has distinguished himself or herself in the communication profession while coaching teams to competitive success at the NDT.
Recent recipients of this award include: 2010 - Tim O'Donnell; 2011 - Gordon Stables; 2012 - Glen Frappier; 2013 - Ryan Galloway; 2014 – Michael Davis; 2015 – Jarrod Atchison; 2016 William Mosley Jensen; 2017 – Michael Hester, 2018- Jacob Thompson.

Please submit any nominations on or before February 28, 2019 to:
Ed Panetta