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Emory Director of Debate
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Emory Director of Debate
Job Description

New Position Title:  Director of Debate
Supervisor:  Senior Director of Alben W. Barkley Forum for Debate, Deliberation, & Dialogue

Use the following link to apply:

In 1837, Emory College placed the competition of ideas at the center of the student experience with the creation of Phi Gamma Literary and Debate Society. While the format of events and the student body has evolved, The Alben W. Barkley Forum for Debate, Deliberation, and Dialogue remains the standard-bearer of Emory’s definitive and robust commitment to the deliberative exchange of ideas by providing students numerous opportunities on and off the campus. Named after the 35th vice president of the United States and Emory alum, the Barkley Forum (BF) is driven by a mission to create meaningful encounters that encourage people to seek and share knowledge. At its core, the BF works to promote and encourage difficult conversations about and across our difference, deliberative civic engagement, and student research.

The Barkley Forum has three areas of focus:
•   Intercollegiate competitive debate program – Our nationally ranked policy debate team strives to be an exemplary program for training students to be inquiry-driven while they work to achieve Emory’s mission to create, preserve, teach, and apply knowledge in the service of humanity. This is done while maintaining an access mission to provide training to students who have not previously participated in intercollegiate debate. 
•   Campus engagement initiative – The BF houses a robust set of deliberation and dialogue programs assisting in creating transformative conversational opportunities across the campus.   
•   Alumni/ae and community engagement – The BF supports the continued participation of alumni/ae in BF programs. Atlanta Urban Debate League (AUDL), Barkley Forum High Schools (BFHS) and Emory National Debate Institute (ENDI) comprise the primary vehicle the BF uses to aid students in using their immense talents to improve the myriad of communities to which they belong.   

The Director of Debate is responsible for and leads all aspects of the Barkley Forum’s intercollegiate competitive debate program.   

The Director of Debate provides leadership, operational oversight, and supervision for the intercollegiate competitive debate program while supporting the other areas of the Barkley Forum. 

The Director of Debate is responsible for the following:
•   Organizes the intercollegiate competitive debate program. The DOD administers squad meetings, accesses student needs, plans tournament travel, supervises other coaches, and ensures that current and future debating practices are aligned with the missions of Emory University and the Barkley Forum.
•   Manages the finances of the intercollegiate competitive debate program. The DOD works directly with the Senior Director to establish competitive debate team budget priorities. 
•   Maintains a strong commitment to research focused debate program. The DOD will play a critical role in helping the BF meet its core objective of preparing students to be well researched scholars equipped to effectively disseminate and critique the use and production of information. 
•   Actively supports the participation of women and others from historically underserved communities. The DOD maintains a strong commitment to challenge the underrepresentation of women and people of color at the highest levels of intercollegiate competitive debate.
•   Serves as a traveling coach and contributor to the students’ tournament preparation.  The DOD champions intercollegiate competitive debate on and off the campus.
•   Recruits high school debaters to join the Barkley Forum and participates in Robert Woodruff Scholars Program selection process.
•   Directs the curriculum development for the Emory National Debate Institute.
•   Directs the Pelham Debates Division at the Barkley Forum for High Schools.   
•   Administers the Emory Wheel Debates.
•   Ensures students participate in the Atlanta Urban Debate League. 


•   Master's degree in speech, communications, psychology or related field.
•   Five years of experience coaching intercollegiate debate.
•   Demonstrated success coaching nationally competitive debaters.
•   Demonstrated success of using debate to support underserved communities. 
•   Five years of related professional experience in a higher education setting.
•   Budget management skills.
•   Demonstrated commitment to social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion, and an ability to work with diverse populations.
•   Strong oral and written communications skills.
•   Evidence of organizational, planning, teamwork, and administrative skills.
•   Evidence of ability to provide leadership and problem-solving skills in analyzing needs of various communities in a higher education setting. 


•   A doctoral degree in a relevant area of study.
•   7 years of related professional experience.
•   Experience working in a student affairs division.
•   Demonstrated commitment to providing debating opportunities beyond tournaments hosted by National Debate Tournament (NDT) and Cross Examination Debate Association (CEDA).