Author Topic: NDT Dues for 2020-2021 Announcement  (Read 169 times)


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NDT Dues for 2020-2021 Announcement
« on: October 06, 2020, 07:11:53 AM »
I hope that everyone is doing well in these crazy times.   I am sending this message to remind everyone about the deadlines for subscribing to the NDT for 2020-2021.  You must subscribe to the NDT in order to participate in any NDT activities – which include participation at the tournament, participation at the District Qualifying Tournament, participation in the at-large qualification process and the NDT ranking system. 
NDT subscription fees are due on October 31, 2020. The cost of a subscription now is $100.00. On November 1, the cost goes up to $200.00. On December 15, it goes up to $300.00. You may pay your dues on the NDT site  You may also pay by sending a check made payable to the NDT to 324 Franklin St., Cambridge, MA 02139. You may also pay the NDT fees on the AFA site.   It is best to pay on the NDT site if you can.  If you plan to use one of the other payment options, you still need to go to the NDT site to set up your school account if you have not already established one and choose the “pay later” option.  Once I have received your payment, I will credit it to your account and you will show up on the list of current members.
The Board of Trustees realizes that many schools are in difficult financial shape this year.  We are looking to secure donors to cover the costs of subscriptions for any school that cannot afford the subscription fee this year.  If you are in that position, please fill out this google form by October 31, 2020,  We need you to let us know by that date so that we know how much money we need to raise from outside sources.   You also need to set up your account on the NDT Site if you do not already have one.  Once you have your account set up go to and select “pay later.”
If you are not sure whether you have paid, you can check the list of subscribers on the NDT site,   Once your payment has been received, the list will automatically be updated.

Thank you,

Sherry Hall