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KCKCC Debate Tournament Oct. 8-10, 2010
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Entry is enabled on the Bruschke site.  Invite is there and below.


Please plan on joining us in October for the 9th Annual Blue Devil Debates. We
plan to continue the tradition started seven years ago in honoring our judges and
competitors with awards voted on by the debaters. Additionally we will again
present the Coaching Award and the Dr. Amy Fugate Leadership Award. Last year's
recipients were Cade Hamilton of K-State and Natalie Pennington of K-State receiving
the Coaching Awards and Gary Larson receiving the Leadership Award. I look forward
to presenting this year's awards as well.

There will be entertainment options for coaches in the evening if there is
interest. Likewise just 3 miles to the West of campus is Village West. It has
become the entertainment, dining, and shopping mecca of Kansas and the
Mid-West. It has moved Kansas up 15 spots in tourism among all states
nationwide. Casinos are minutes away.  Anything you could want to eat or buy is
now available just minutes from the Campus. I encourage everyone to check it
out--especially BBQ fans!


August 2010

Dear Colleagues:

On behalf of Kansas City Kansas Community College, Blue Devil Debate, and the
Humanities and Fine Arts Division, it is my pleasure to invite you and your
students to the 9th annual KCKCC Debate Tournament. The debate tournament will
be held Friday October 8th through Sunday October 10th on the KCKCC campus in
Kansas City, Kansas. Registration for the tournament will be on Friday at the
college. In this invitation you will find the necessary hotel information,
schedule, and entry form.

Please call for your rooms now as rooms in KC are hard to come by. We will be
offering three divisions of policy debate on the current CEDA/NDT topic for
2010-2011. You may submit teams in Open, JV, and Novice divisions. We will
break to an appropriate number of elims in each division and will do everything
within reason to not have to collapse divisions. As per the CEDA rule governing
sweeps, we will break ½ the teams in all divisions providing at least a 50% W/L
record. Speaker awards will also be given in each division.

If you have any questions regarding the tournament, please do not hesitate to
call or email. We look forward to hosting you on our campus in October.


Darren Elliott--Director of Debate and Forensics
(913)288-7295 -- office
(316)214-9502 -- cell
Amy Arellano--Asst. Director of Debate and Forensics
Adrian Self—Asst. Coach
John Bretthauer—Asst. Coach
Clay Crockett—Asst. Coach
Christina Ivey-Asst. Coach
Ashley Cook-Asst. Coach

Tentative KCKCC Schedule of events:

Friday, October 8th

2:00pm Registration Upper Level Lounge Jewell Student Center
3:00pm Pairings/Opening Assembly Upper Level Lounge Jewell Student Center
3:45pm Round I Preset
5:45pm Round II Preset
9:00pm Coaches Reception

Saturday, October 10th
8:00am Release Pairings Room 2110 Humanities
9:00am Round III
11:45am Round IV
1:45-3:00pm Lunch Room 2110 Humanities
3:30pm Round V
6:00pm Round VI
8:30pm First Partials Round (depending on size)
ASAP Release list of Elim participants at Hotels and on edebate
10:00pm All Coaches Reception at Tournament Suite (Dependent on partials Round)

Sunday, October 11th
8:00am Awards Assembly Upper Level Lounge Jewell Student Center
Or Partial Elims (depending on size)
10am Elims Continue

Partial Elims will begin Sat night if size warrants.  IF that occurs, Sunday morning will begin with the Awards Assembly.  Otherwise the first thing Sun morning will be an elim debate.  PLEASE look for the announcement regarding this so teams and judges arrive on time Sunday if there is an elim debate.

KCKCC Tournament Information

DIVISIONS: We will be offering Open, Junior Varsity, and Novice Divisions.
Please follow the CEDA guidelines for entering your team in the correct
division. We will only collapse divisions if ABSOLUTELY necessary. We will
break to the appropriate number of elims based on CEDA sweeps points
regulations and number of entries in a division. We will break ½ the teams in
each division provided a 50% W/L record. If a division does collapse we will
still give awards based on how a team finishes in comparison to other teams who
would have been eligible for the less experienced division.

ENTRIES: Please have your entries to me as soon as possible. I would like adds
no later than Oct. 6th. The number of Saturday classes on our campus has
increased dramatically. Classroom space is limited. As such tournament entries
will be secured on a first entered basis. If a wait list is necessary, teams
will be notified once the cap is reached. If you are flying to KC, enter early
and your spots will be guaranteed. Fees will be locked in on the 5th at 5pm.

TIME LIMITS: Time limits will be 9-3-6 with 10 minutes of prep time per team.

JUDGING: Each school is expected to provide qualified judges to accompany their
teams. You are responsible for three rounds of judging for every one team
entered. All judges are committed through the first FULL elim debate or one round
past their teams' elimination, whichever occurs first. Please do your best to
hire judges if you need to as opposed to trying to hire them through us. If you
do need to hire a judge, the fee will be $150.00 per uncovered team. Please
give me plenty of notice if you need to hire someone. If you are bringing extra
judges, let me know how many rounds they would like to be hired for. Judges
MUST render a decision by marking a loser and a winner of each debate. Only one
team can win and only one can lose. Judges not following this will have their
ballot changed with a coin toss and have their best team's record altered by
forfeiting a win at the conclusion of prelims. We plan on using some sort of
judge preference system depending on entries and availability. If a preference
system is used, one will be used in ALL divisions as per CEDA rules. If you are
bringing more teams than you can cover, and are splitting your judge
commitments among your coaches, it is vital that you have enough judges on elim
day to cover at a minimum the number of teams you clear.

FEES: The registration fee will be $80.00 per team entered. We will provide
Breakfast on Saturday as well as lunch. We will provide breakfast on Sunday
morning as well. We will provide drinks and snacks throughout the weekend. Cash
is the preferred method of payment so we can pay our vendors over the weekend.
A check is the second best option--made out to "Darren Elliott".
Unfortunately we cannot take Visa, Mastercard, or Discover at this time.
Bartering for chickens, and pigs is always negotiable. Just remember, even if
you put lipstick on a pig it is still a pig.

ROUNDS: Round will be open to tournament participants and their guests.  Videotaping may
occur for educational purposes.  No videos should be publicly displayed without the permission of all participants.

SMOKING: Please do not smoke inside buildings on the KCKCC campus. Smoking
areas and containers for cigarette butts are located outside throughout the
campus. You CANNOT smoke near the entrance as per State Law.  Move to deignated areas.

TEAMS: Teams should be comprised of two debaters from the same school or two
debaters, each from a different school. All teams, including hybrids will be
allowed to advance to elims and win speaker awards. Please notify me early of
any 3-person teams you may enter. KCKCC debaters may participate in the
tournament and advance to elim rounds. Three-Person teams will be allowed
although if multiple three-person teams (2 from different schools) become a
reality I will try and get coaches together to make two-person hybrids out of
their extra debaters.

TAB ROOM: The tab room will be administered by the Tournament Director and
various other coaches.  No decision regarding any team participating in the tournament
will be made in the tab room by coaches associated with that team.

AWARDS: Teams reaching the elimination debates will receive awards. An
appropriate number of speaker awards will be given in each division as well.
Collapsed divisions if it has to happen will still be awarded based on finish
in comparison to other teams from the less experienced division that was
collapsed. We will once again present the Dr. Amy Fugate Leadership Award to a
member of CEDA who has distinguished service and leadership in the
organization. Previous recipients were ML Sandoz, Jeff Jarman, Eric Morris,
Neil Berch, Gordon Stables, Kathryn Rubino and Gary Larson.

We will once again present the Coaches Award, typically designated for an
assistant coach, to show appreciation for those who work so hard to keep our
programs going. Previous recipients were Heather Walters, James Taylor, Matt
Moore, Jason Russell, Louie Petit, Carolyn Cusick, Cade Hamilton and Natalie Pennington.
We will present the Newcomer Award to any program coming to our tournament for
the first time, and the Long Distance Award to the program traveling the
farthest to be with us.
We will award the Top 3 Critics as voted on by the competitors.

We will award 1 team in each Division as “representing the best there is in
competition” as voted on by the competitors.

BRACKETS: Brackets will not be broken in elimination debates.

HOTEL INFO: There are a number of hotel options near the campus. In the past we
have used the Microtel Inn and Suites as a tournament hotel. The Microtel is no
longer in operation. That may shock some of you! In its place is a newly
renovated, newly managed Days Inn property. The property is within 5 minutes of
campus. Please make reservations ASAP.

The hotel is located right off of I70 and 78th St exit in Kansas City (Exit

Their number is (913)334-3028. Their fax number is (913)334-5983.
They are located at 7721 Elizabeth St. Kansas City, KS 66112.

Other hotels:
The Comfort Inn and Suites (on the other side of I70 from the Microtel) is
about 5 minutes from campus. Their number is 913-299-5555

The Holiday Inn Express (located in the Legends Shopping Center at Village
West) is 10 minutes from the College. This hotel is relatively new, very nice,
and right in the middle of shopping and dining mecca!
Their number is 913-328-1024.

The Holiday Inn Express (On I70 in Bonner Springs) is about 10-15 minutes from
the College. Their number is 913-721-5300.

The Hampton Inn (located in the Legends Shopping Center at Village West) is 10
minutes from the College. Also very new and very nice, it is located in the
heart of shopping and dining. Their number is

Comfort Suites has just opened a brand new property at the Legends at Village
West, just adjacent to the T-Bones Minor League baseball stadium.

TRANSPORTATION: If you are flying in to KCI and need a shuttle to the hotel,
please let me know immediately:
If you are driving from the East: Take I70 through Kansas City, MO and into
Kansas City, KS. You will see signs for KCKCC just before the turn off for the
campus. You want to take the Turner Diagonal/Highway 40 Exit. Stay to the right
onto Highway 40. Stay on until State Avenue. Turn left onto State and at the
first right, which is College Blvd., turn right into the college. Follow the
road around (please don't hitour ducks) until you see the Humanities building on your right.
Park anywhere you can find a space in front of the section of the building labeled “JEWELL”.
Enter the Jewell building, proceed down the hallway past Admissions and Financial Aid.
Once you reach the end of the hall, take a left to the Upper Level Lounge.

If you are driving from the West: Take I70 to Kansas City and take the Highway
40 exit. You will be driving under the Turner Diagonal then rounding back on to
it heading North. When you come to State Avenue turn left. The entrance to
KCKCC will be on your immediate right at College Blvd. Once turning on to
College Blvd. follow the road around (please don't hit our ducks) until you see
the Humanities building on your right. Park anywhere you can find a space in
front of the section of the building labeled “JEWELL”. Enter the Jewell building, proceed
down the hallway past Admissions and Financial Aid. Once you reach the end of
the hall, take a left to the Upper Level Lounge.

If you are coming from the North or South: Take I35 until you reach I70. Take
I70 and follow the first set of directions listed above.

PARKING: You will not be ticketed by parking in the lot in front of Humanities
or Jewell Friday, Saturday, or Sunday unless you park in a Handicapped or
Reserved stall. All unmarked and Visitor stalls are fine to park in. You also
need to park head-in to avoid being ticketed.

SEXUAL HARRASSMENT/ETHICS: The CEDA statement on Sexual Harassment will be
upheld. A tournament harassment committee will be appointed to deal with any issues
that arise.  The tournament and its participants will also adhere to CEDA Bylaws regarding
the Statement on Ethical Principles.

STATE LAW: All tournament participants, coaches and judges are expected to
adhere to the laws of the State of Kansas. Alcohol and illegal substance
consumption on campus is strictly prohibited by these laws and will result in
removal from the tournament.

ENTERING THE TOURNAMENT:  Entry on the Bruschke website ( is
the preferred method of entry. You can also email me your entry if you prefer.
Faxing is also an option using the form below. It and mailing your entries are
the least preferred and trusted methods of entry. Once you enter I will email
you a confirmation. If you do not receive this confirmation, please email me.

If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to call or email
me. We hope to see you in October in Kansas City.

Darren Elliott
7250 State Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66112
(913)288-7295 office
(913)288-7638 fax
(316)214-9502 cell