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Shirley Mountaineer Debates in the Dash
« on: August 10, 2010, 02:43:37 PM »
Shirley Mountaineer Debates in the Dash

Dates: November 19-22

Rather than splitting the debate community on the same weekend to travel to separate cities in North Carolina, Appalachian State University has graciously agreed to tentatively move their Mountaineer Debate tournament to Winston-Salem. Although the tournaments would remain separate competitive experiences, our goal is to make it easier for the debate community to have more debates with fewer logistical headaches.  We are still negotiating the logistics and plan to have a final announcement by September 15th.

A quick announcement regarding the Wake Forest Shirley: We are going back to 8 prelim rounds. Our goal is to try 8 under as close to ideal conditions as possible to determine if this schedule can be done without sacrificing the quality of life for coaches and debaters. Towards that end, we are:

a- Providing all meals on Saturday and Sunday. The goal is to have debaters eating meals during regular meal times rather than trying to find fast food after rounds are completed late at night.

b- Instead of a banquet Sunday night, we are planning a Friday evening reception where the coach of the year award will be announced and the pairings for rounds 1-4 will be released.

c- We will do a quick awards ceremony between the double and octofinals on Monday.

A quick announcement regarding the Appalachian State Mountaineer Tournament: Assuming the logistics work out and we are able to move the tournament to Winston-Salem, we will be changing the schedule to best allow for the debaters at the Appalachian State Tournament to have an opportunity to watch elimination rounds from the Wake Forest Shirley. Towards that end, we are:

a- Starting the tournament Saturday morning to coincide with the Shirley. There will still be six rounds. At least one elimination round will take place Sunday evening. 

b- Monday morning we will join the Shirley elimination day debates at the tournament hotel after the doubles. This will give debaters an opportunity to watch the Shirley doublefinals debates.

c- We will also provide all meals on Saturday and Sunday.

As you can imagine, this process will be a bit messy at first, but we hope that having both tournaments in the same city will allow squads to enjoy a weekend together rather than splitting to attend tournaments in the same state.  We look forward to having a final decision and final announcement by September 15th.


Jarrod Atchison and Sean Ridley


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Re: Shirley Mountaineer Debates in the Dash
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2010, 09:25:55 PM »
Thank you Wake (and Northwestern) for having 8 rounds. I think it's a great move and I was really disappointed last year at NCA when 8 round tournaments were pronounced to no longer exist.

-Brett Bricker

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Re: Shirley Mountaineer Debates in the Dash
« Reply #2 on: September 15, 2010, 01:30:30 PM »
Appalachian State University Debate and Wake Forest University Debate are excited to announce the Shirley Mountaineer Debates in
Winston-Salem, NC on the weekend of November 19-22, 2010. After much logistical rigmarole we believe that we will be able to offer the
debate community the opportunity to expand travel opportunities by bringing multiple teams to a central location. Although the
tournaments will both take place in Winston-Salem, the easiest way to conceptualize this is as two separate tournaments that are sharing
some resources. Squads should enter each tournament separately and plan for fees and judges as if the tournaments are separate. The
Appalachian State University tournament will be held at North Forsyth High School (3.2 miles or 9 min away from campus) and the Wake Forest University tournament will continue to be held on campus. We will share the hotel, the elimination day rooms, the Friday night reception, and the spirit of hospitality that has been the hallmark of both tournaments.

If a squad cannot cover their judging obligations for each tournament separately then we will try to accommodate squads as best as we can by
allowing judges to cover obligations at both. As you can imagine, that might be a logistical problem so we cannot make any strong promises,
but we have some ideas. We are planning on running a shuttle between the tournaments, but we anticipate that it would be difficult to
actively coach in person at both tournaments. We do hope, however, that the coordination will allow squads to enjoy a fun weekend in
Winston-Salem together.

Both tournament invitations will be up shortly.


Sean Ridley and Jarrod Atchison