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New Paperless Template/Manual
« on: August 22, 2010, 10:16:15 AM »

I’ve just finished a brand new version of the Whitman Template (Version 3.0).  It’s a significant upgrade from past versions, and worth a look if you’re paperless.  Downloads and a new manual are here:

There are three big changes to the template:

•   Styles – Styles, formatting, and file format have been changed to take maximum advantage of the newest features available in Word 2010, and fix the cumulative legacy problems of a decade with old versions of Word.

•   Macros – Almost every macro, from formatting to paperless, has been rewritten from the ground up.  This fixes a host of small bugs, adds significant new functionality, and streamlines the workflow.

•   Interface – The new template comes with a brand new user interface designed specifically for Word 2010/2007

Important note:  The new version breaks backwards compatibility with .doc files and previous versions of the Whitman template.  Fortunately, a converter is included for people with legacy backfiles.  While not perfect, it should help ease the transition for anyone considering an upgrade.

A more extensive discussion of the changes can be found in the new manual.

As always, feedback is welcome.