Author Topic: Binghamton Tournament Updates  (Read 2852 times)

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Binghamton Tournament Updates
« on: September 12, 2010, 09:24:01 AM »
Looks like everything is shaping up for it to be a great, and huge tournament. If Worlds is as large as it has been in the past we'll rival Georgia State's size. However, so far I have only received potential numbers for Worlds participants from Vermont. If other Worlds teams plan on attending beginning to get an estimate of that will be extremely helpful in terms of catering. We will be having a fajita bar for lunch on Saturday, pizza for lunch on Sunday, and plenty of healthy food and snacks available throughout (probably some junk as well).

After talking with our policy tab room staff, we've decided to offer ordinal preferences for the policy division. I will turn these on Wednesday and you'll have until the end of Thursday to get them up if you want them to go into effect round 1. It's a short windows, but in order to make prefs happen and give everyone enough time to get their teams registered for the first tournament of the year it's the most I can offer.

REMEMBER: We're trying to run our tournament waste-free. Please tell you team that any non-compostable garbage they bring in they should take out or put in the labeled garbage containers (aprox 1 per building location). The garbage cans in the individual competition rooms will be collected for compost. You should also request that the put recyclable materials in recycling bins. We will also provide each school will several extra travel mugs beyond the number of people they've registered so each squad can lose some and not have to buy replacements.