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Important CEDA updates

A couple of reminders as we head into the final days before CEDA nationals kicks off. 1. If you've offered rounds on the exchange please respond to request to hire those rounds. There are a number of schools in need of judging who are having difficulty making contact with those offering rounds for hire. 2. Our hosts at CSULB are providing meal cards for competitors, judges, observers, during the tournament. To facilitate an accurate count on meal cards they are asking that every tournament participant print and sign their names to the attached form, scan it and email it to before your arrival. If that isn't possible, forms can be accepted at registration, but the preferred method is to email them ASAP. The tournament will not be able to issue a meal card to anyone who has not completed and signed this form. You can download the Meal Card Form here -
Office spreadsheet icon Meal Card Form28.5 KB